So I'm end 45% done through GTA IV and now I'm hear you can actually save cars? I've constantly just hijacked a car, offered it for 10 minutes until I found a much better one or ns totaled it, and then I'd speak goodbye to mine old one.

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How carry out you store a vehicle in GTA 4? I've heard the you can park the in the residential point out in front of a safehouse or walk to a "garage". However, whenever i seem to finish a mission, the vehicle I used to take trip to the mission seems to disappear. What's the best means to conserve your vehicle?



Well there's no means to permanently save a vehicle, you can use the parking spots external you're house yet if you take it the Caron a mission, it still could get ruined or vanish depending upon what's associated in the mission.

Yeah, that's what i was thinking. A little bit of a shame - it have the right to be a pains in the ass to find a GT and also it would be much more convenient if it simply saved after objectives wherever friend parked it.


well it is weird, ns was just going to say park that in the spot exterior your house, because thats what girlfriend gotta do and its always worked for me.

you might be confused around the saving though, the automobile has to it is in in the spot once you save it. Are you control the car ago and parking it over there every time? the won't be there the following time if friend don't park that every time...

I've never also noticed that there was a spot there. I constantly kind that parked it on the sidewalk, top top the street, or a block far from the safehouse.

You can likewise park vehicles at places that aren't even your house yet. Because that example, the parking room in front of Playboy X's penthouse have the right to be used as soon as you come on that island.

On one more note, the parking spaces save all vehicles, even helicopters. The Annihilator is a little bit too large to maneuver in ~ street level and also park without good difficulty, so ns recommend taking among the various other helicopters rather (the heliport tours place is a great source that helicopters.) not all apartments room easily easily accessible by helicopter, however I've stored castle in the parking spaces in ~ Playboy X's penthouse and in the other apartment on the eastern side of that island near the Turismo dealership.

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If you require a ar to land your Annihilator (or other helicopter) while you go within a for sure house, ns recommend the roof that Playboy X's penthouse. The game won't save it permanently increase there, yet it should stay while girlfriend sleep or adjust clothes.

By the way, how can I mod my game so that the roof that Playboy X's penthouse acts choose a parking space? How could I include a ladder come make acquiring up over there a bit easier?