Resetting the BIOS deserve to resolve many concerns with your system and also is a good an initial troubleshooting step.

Summary: Resetting the BIOS deserve to resolve many concerns with your system and is a good first troubleshooting step.See less Resetting the BIOS have the right to resolve many worries with her system and is a good very first troubleshooting step.

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Restart or power on the computer. When you watch the logo throughout POST, press the F2 crucial once a second to get in the system Setup.

Depending on the form of BIOS (System Setup) her computer system has, the screen will look one of two ways.

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Select the picture that matches the one on your computer system for information on just how to set the BIOS back to that is defaults.


~ above the BIOS (System Setup) screen, click Restore Settings or Load Defaults (whichever is listed). Make sure BIOS Defaults is selected or confirm to fill the defaults (when offered) and click OK. Click Exit. Check exiting, as soon as offered.

Your computer system will restart in ~ this time.


top top the BIOS screen, push the Right Arrow an essential to until the Exit menu is highlighted. Press the Down Arrow an essential until Restore Defaults or Load Optimal Defaults is emphasize (whichever is listed), and then push the Enter key. Push the Enter key on Yes come Load Optimized Defaults or Load Optimal Defaults (whichever is listed).

Your computer will restart at this time.

NOTE: This procedure will reset all device settings to the manufacturing facility defaults. Friend will have to reset any type of custom settings in the BIOS. This has the transforming off of installed RAID controllers and also any other incorporated peripherals, too as, the resetting of the device time and also date.

How to gain back the BIOS (System Setup) defaults on a system:

strength on the system. When the blue logo design is visible, press the F2 crucial key when a 2nd to get in the mechanism Setup. Press the Num Lock key, and also verify the the Num Lock light is on. Press the Caps Lock key, and also verify the the caps Lock irradiate is on. Push the Scroll Lock key, and also verify that the role Lock irradiate is on. The lights on the keyboard should all be illuminated together in Figure 1. Push the Alt and the F keys at the exact same time. The mechanism will beep together the setup defaults room restored. Push the Alt and the B secrets at the very same time come restart the system. The transforms are automatically saved.

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Figure 1: keyboard Layout

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