Does everyone know exactly how to reset an ABS ECU?I make the efforts disconnecting mine battery for about two minutes, no luck. I damaged a sensor while replacing a rotor. I replaced it, and also the light hasn"t gone out since. Is this a Honda dealer just thing?Car in sig.

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When u do the efforts re-setting did you:1)Have an essential on "on" position2)Take one battery terminal off3)Wait 30sec-1min4)Re-connect5)Turn an essential on "off" position6)Start auto to see if code cleared
Quoted post>When u tried re-setting did you:1)Have an essential on "on" position2)Take one battery terminal off3)Wait 30sec-1min4)Re-connect5)Turn crucial on "off" position6)Start auto to watch if code cleared
I think so, but I"ll try it again tomorrow, thank you.I additionally am walking to remove my battery backup for mine alarm, i beg your pardon is why ns turned my key on. I wanted to make certain it wasn"t leaking any kind of power over from the alarm backup to the ECU.
I totally disconnected the ABS ECU because that 24 hours. Ns plugged it earlier in and I still have the light in my dash.I know which sensor ns broke, since I hit it through a hammer. I replaced that sensor and also can"t acquire the code to clear. This is pissing me off.

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yea tab the is a dealer just thing they have actually the scanner come reset it. The is a pain yet thats lifeonly various other thing to try is dis affix battery then placed the 2 cables togher for about a minute theat will periodically clear the device completly. If that does not work-related take it come honda100 short article yea
first of all what version honda are u driving????the abs ecu use a nonerasable kind of memory u deserve to disconect it for 5 years and also it no forget the codeassuming youre driving one 96 - 00 model heres the procedure1.locate her cars ecu (the key ecu that cntrols the engine,usually top top the pasenger side ) ,ON peak OF THE ECU girlfriend SHULD uncover A BROWN and also BLACK female CONNECTOR simply LYING THERE,usually that is covered with a green cap..This is her diagnostic port.2.Next ,take a short piece that wire and also bridge this female connector,ie.the brown wire must attach to the black vice versa..3.turn on her ignition , dont begin the car,,now youre abs irradiate on the dash should start play morse code,these password explainn what the precise problem is eg.1long speed 1 fast flash = disconected or failed fr wheel rate sensor.4. To reset the abs ecu turn ignition off ,STEP 2 boring brake pedal,turn ignition on step 3,the abs light will certainly go turn off after about 2 seconds. Action 4 .after the light goes off release the pedal,the light will then come on after around 4 seconds. Action 5 when the light comes on push the pedal again STEP.6 the light will certainly go off again,the relase pedal.the light will currently blink a number of times to check the code has been erasedSOUNDS complicated BUT THE PRESSING and RELASING i do not care INTUITIVE after THE 2nd TRYThis will work asuming u journey a similair version to mine,let me know just how it goes

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ahum...check the sig. 92 Accord EX.Im there with ya bro. However my ABS light resets all on its very own every time i drive the car. It doesnt click till the i hit 3000 RPMs.