The starter ~ above my man Deere LX172 lawn mower lastly gave increase the ghost. Here is a quick and also easy snapshot guide for replacing the starter on this lawn tractor. I’ve had photos that the steps and also the socket sizes essential for every the nuts and also bolts, ns hope this helps make this task go a small quicker because that someone the end there!

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Tools supplied for this Repair:

Part Numbers because that Replacement Starters

Check the model variety of your john Deere tractor. Depending on the engine and also model number, you may need among the following starters:

Starter man Deere Lawn Tractors 170, 172, 175, 240, 245, Kawasaki (14HP Engine)OEM component numbers: 12498-63010, 128000-4020, 21163-2073, 21163-2073A, AM104559Specifications: Type: DD, 12v, 0.7 kW, CCW rotation, 9 teeth/splinesStarter 2006-2009 john Deere LA135, LA140, LA145, LA165, LA175 (22HP-26HP B&S Engine)OEM part numbers: 390838, 391423, 392749, 394805, 491766, 497594, 497595, 693054, AM122337, AM37352, AM39137, LG497595, SM01965, 410-22003, 410-22003R, SBS0001, 5742, 5742NSPECIFICATIONS: 12 Volt, CCW, 16-Tooth Pinion, PMDD, 12v, CCW rotation, 16-teeth

How to replace the Starter top top a man Deere Lawn Tractor

Here is a quick summary of the steps, i go into an ext detail with the picture below, but sometimes that is great to have a review with the nut and also bolt sizes:

Turn the key to the “off” position.Open the hood the the lawn mower.Remove the an unfavorable battery terminal.Locate the starter and disconnect the wiring exploit by pressing the plastic tab and also pulling the off.Disconnect the battery cable going come the solenoid making use of a 14mm socket.Remove the 2 starter mounting bolts (12mm).Slide the starter off of the engine.If girlfriend are only replacing the solenoid, eliminate the 2 10mm nuts to eliminate it and also swap with the brand-new solenoid.

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Step by step Instructions for transforming the Starter top top a Lawn Mower

The unit ns am working on is a john Deere LX172. Here it is v the hood currently removed.

Turn the vital to the ‘off’ position and also raise the hood.

Here is a closer watch of the Kawasaki engine.

Disconnect the an unfavorable battery terminal.

Locate the starter. This is a closer see of the starter location.

Disconnect the plastic wiring harness. It has actually a clip you should press, climate pull it down and off.

Remove the positive battery cable making use of a 14mm socket or wrench.

Remove the 2 12mm mounting bolts indigenous the optimal of the starter. On slide the starter down and away native the engine.

Here is a snapshot of the starter when it is removed.

The part number because that the new starter is 21163-2073, and also here is the link:

Starter & Alternator instead of For man Deere Lawn Tractors 170, 175, 240, 245, Kawasaki 14HP

Make certain you bespeak the exactly starter.

The correct starter because that my tractor to be the 21163-2073, which is stamped ~ above the original:

I erroneously ordered the wrong on originally. Here is a photograph of the initial starter (top) together the incorrect starter (bottom):

The starters watch the same from the bottom. The main distinction is the mounting hole spacing, and the fitment ring i m sorry is too big on the lower one in the picture.

For reference, the starter I required was the 21163-2073.

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The untrue starter for me (bottom one in the picture) to be this style.

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If girlfriend only have to replace the solenoid, eliminate the two 10mm mounting nuts, and also the 14mm ground connection nut in ~ the bottom. The correct solenoid is this one: