When you begin to notification a palliation in water press from your shower head yet not elsewhere, then the circulation restrictor of her showerhead may be blocked.

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What is a circulation Restrictor?

A flow restrictor or water restrictor is a tool developed to reduce the circulation of water in a shower head to 2.5 gallons per minute.


Gently remove the rubber O-ring gasket native the neck that the showerhead through your hands. Don’t usage a screwdriver or plier for this reason you execute not damage the gasket together it’s still useful. Rotate the neck that the showerhead in her palm and also shake the display loose. Collection aside the screen and the O-ring gasketUsing a flat head screwdriver, insert the corner tip come the middle of the flow restrictor. This water saver is a flat plastic material with various little perforations favor an aerator on a faucet inserted in the showerhead neck.
Gently remove the flow restrictor from her shower head neck through the screwdriver. When trying to remove the flow restrictor, be gentle especially approximately the inside threads of your shower head together they are fairly tender and also can damages when force is applied.
Insert the display screen of the showerhead earlier into the showerhead and gently insert the O-ring gasket till its firm against the screen. Eliminate the old plumber’s tape indigenous the threaded component of the shower arm and also wrap the new tape about the shower eight threads. Insert the Moen showerhead right into the shower and begin come thread the head till you deserve to longer revolve the head through your hand.
Place back the piece of fabric over the connection suggest and additionally place your wrench over the rag. With one arm firmly stop the shower head arm, rotate the wrench until the link is firm come avoid any kind of leakage the water.Turn ~ above the shower and monitor the progress. You will certainly surely notification an development in the water flow.


If you closely follow the over steps, you will conveniently remove the flow restrictor from her Moen Showerhead. However, nothing be afraid to speak to a plumber if friend get perplexed at any kind of stage or deserve to seem to happen a certain level. Also, when you remove the circulation restrictor from your shower head, you may void any warranties on your shower head.

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