Different from PS4, the HDCP security in PS3 renders it difficult to document PS3 gameplay v Elgato Game catch HD60 S and also other similar hardware. You should prepare ingredient cables and game recorder software to record on PS3.

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Then below comes the problem, exactly how to document PS3 gameplay footage? Just proceed reading and also get the thorough steps here.


Guide List

1. How to document PS3 Gameplay there is no a capture Card

Most game record cards room not compatible with PS3. If you want to document PS3 gameplay because that YouTube and other video clip sharing sites, using betterworld2016.org display screen Recorder is your finest choice. You deserve to record video and audio on PS3 without lag. The PS3 recorder software program is lightweight and easy come use. It’s it s okay if it is the an initial time you record gameplay top top PS3. The whole PS3 gameplay recording process can be completed within few steps. ~ that, you deserve to preview, trim, save and share PS3 video game videos to any type of platform through ease. Document gamplay on PS4 is also available.

record PS3 gameplay through a laptop in HD. Screen catch on PS3 gamings with interior sound and voice over. Include narrations while record gameplay ~ above PS3. Cut out unwanted video clips through a real-time preview window. Save PS3 game video clip into MP4, AVI, WMV and also other styles without high quality loss. Re-publishing PS3 gameplay come YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other communication directly.

betterworld2016.org display Recorder

betterworld2016.org display screen Recorder permits you to record video, audio, online tutorial, etc on Windows/Mac, and you can conveniently customize size, edit the video clip or audio, and also more.

record video, audio, webcam and also take screenshot on Windows/Mac. Preview data prior to saving. the is safe and also easy come use.

step 1Use an HDMI cable to attach the game stations 3 HDMI port and also HDMI catch card entry port. Together a result, you have the right to see the PS3 screen on her computer.

step 2Free download, install and also launch betterworld2016.org display screen Recorder. Select Game Recorder to activate its playstations 3 video clip recorder.


action 3Set the PS3 gameplay home window as the screen capture area. Turn on System Sound and Microphone to record PS3 gameplay video with audio. Girlfriend can also use it as a webcam recorder if girlfriend need.


action 3Click REC to play and also record gameplay top top PC. You can take a screenshot ~ above PS3 game with that is Screenshot option. ~ finishing PS3gameplay recording, click Save followed through Next to fiddle it. You deserve to save or upload PS3 because that YouTube and more based on your need.


2. Frequently asked questions of record PS3 Gameplay

Does PS3 have display screen recording?

No. Girlfriend cannot screen record top top PS3 directly. There are three key solutions to record videos ~ above PS3. Firstly, usage a PS3 recorder to document playing video clip games ~ above PS3. Secondly, use some old species of catch cards to record PS3 screen in game. Thirdly, place a video camera or her phone to capture video clip of her PS3 gameplay.

How to record PS3 gameplay through a USB?

Using a USB record card to record PS3 gameplay is also a typical choice. Just affix the AV connector to your PS3’s AV port. Find and also connect the related yellow, red and white AV port on your USB record card. ~ that, you deserve to record PS3 gameplay through a USB.

How to document PS3 gameplay through iPhone?

If you want to record on PS3 there is no a computer, you can use the iphone Camera application to record gameplay indigenous PS3 together well. It is a totally free screen recorder to record PS3 gameplay there is no buying anything. Place your iphone phone close to the TV directly. Make certain the entire frame is filled v the TV image edges. Dim the lights and also use a tripod to boost the PS3 gameplay recording quality. However the audiovisual high quality is still not as good as desktop computer PS3 screen record software.


All in all, you have the right to record PS3 gameplay through HDMI cable and also laptop successfully here. Physics HDMI record cards space expensive and hard to use. While shoot PS3 v cameras and also phones are bad in quality. The recommended means to record and post PS3 game video clip to YouTube is utilizing betterworld2016.org display screen Recorder. You can capture PS3 gameplay v HDMI ~ above your computer without lag. No high quality loss or overwhelming interface.

The PS3 recorder offers a free trial for all new users. If you room not certain whether that is good to use, girlfriend can totally free download and also have a shot right now. The is 100% safe and totally free to document gameplay from PS3, PS4, Xbox and also other consoles no an ext than 3 minutes. If you are satisfied through betterworld2016.org PS3 screen record software, you can upgrade to its complete version.

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betterworld2016.org screen Recorder

betterworld2016.org display screen Recorder enables you to catch video, audio, virtual tutorial, etc on Windows/Mac, and also you can quickly customize size, edit the video or audio, and also more.

document video, audio, webcam and take screenshot on Windows/Mac. Preview data prior to saving. the is safe and also easy come use.