So I have been told that once I graduate I have the right to no longer increase or change the GPA that ns graduate with, the I"m basically stuck to it forever. Is this true?


Being a PA is a dream that mine however lately I"ve simply lost the drive and also motivation. Mine cGPA is 2.7 and also I only have 2 semesters left to lug up mine GPA. I don"t think I"m doing also well either through the classes I"m acquisition now. I think I"m walk to get a C, they room not science classes though. Yet I just wanted come know exactly how I might increase mine GPA after ~ graduating for this reason I can reach the 3.0+ threshold that many PA schools require. Might I take scientific research classes in community colleges? Is there any other way?


I likewise got a D in A&P II and Microbiology. Must I take back them while I"m still in undergrad or wait till i graduate?


Please any advice will help! thanks so much!

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Posted October 16, 2016


posted October 16, 2016

Your uGPA will certainly not adjust once friend graduate. It is what the is. My uGPA calculate by CASPA was a 2.3.. Ns owned it and also made a readjust and present it in my post bach GPA and also my master GPA. 


What schools mainly look in ~ is her cGPA (cumulative) which additionally accounts for article bach and masters courses, however, lock will always see your uGPA and also how friend did from there if you continue to take it classes to boost your GPA.


I was welcomed with a 2.93 cGPA through a large positive grade trend. The program I applied to had a minimum required cGPA the 2.67 (but has actually since readjusted to 2.75). Part programs have actually min GPA demands of 2.5. Others list it as a 3.0 however internally your cutoff is much greater (around a 3.4+). Some programs emphasize sGPA much more then cGPA.

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My advice is to view what programs you qualified for and also then look in ~ what the statistics room for the average embraced student indigenous the year previous. Some programs will certainly list this on your website. Others you"ll need to ask the admissions office for this information.