Sometimes once you’re presenting, it’s helpful to give civilization handouts to annotate notes on the slides and jot under a few thoughts if you’re speaking. A good way to do this is to publish multiple slides ~ above one page, for this reason they’re not handling reams that paper. It likewise encourages your audience to just take a couple of notes, quite than something too comprehensive where they could miss something important.

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What’s the mystery for just how to print multiple slides ~ above one page?

How to publish multiple slides on one page or conserve as PDF

In PowerPoint over there is a specific view called Handouts which allows you to print multiple slides ~ above one page. Handouts not only offers you alternatives for how numerous slides to include on every page, yet you can produce special formatting to do the last print the end look more professional and in keeping with your brand.

Go to the record tab in the top left of the ribbon (or usage Ctrl + P)Choose print from the menu on the left-hand sideUnder settings in the center on the left, click the publish Layout drop-down (which says full Page Slides by default) and select Handouts, and the number of slides you want per page (2, 3, 4, 6, or 9.


PowerPoint handouts enable you to print multiple pages ~ above one page. Go to the File tab in the height left the the ribbon (or use Ctrl +P), and choose Print on the left. In the brand-new view that appears, under Settings, you’ll find alternatives for which slides to print, and also then the Print Layout options. Selecting this drop-down menu (labelled together Full page Slides initially) offers you accessibility to the options of what come print, and here girlfriend can choose Handouts, providing you the option to print multiple pages on one page. Girlfriend can select 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, or 9 slides to be laid out in a grid throughout the page, and also with some you can pick whether the slides space ordered in rows (horizontal) or columns (vertical).

You can additionally choose whether the Print slide numbers on handouts, Frame Slides v a dark outline, Print Comments (if there are any), and also Print Ink ~ above the slides (the PowerPoint drawing tools that some people use to comment or note up slides).

There’s an exciting option to Scale to Fit Paper, which deserve to be frustrating. The viewable PowerPoint handouts page size is 7.5” broad by 10” tall. This presume a 0.5” publish border on all sides (making it traditional letter dimension of 8.5”x11”). But contemporary printers can do better, so picking scale come fit paper will stretch the handouts web page to the maximum publish area her printer have the right to manage. Either way, you’ll likely see some form of additional an are around her handouts page once printing, unless you print to PDF, which has no margins and also the handouts web page will look as it walk in PowerPoint.

If friend go back up to the top, friend can choose the printer to use, i m sorry is wherein you’ll discover the option to create a PDF of multiple slides on one page, in whichever Handouts construction you’ve chosen.

In this print view, friend can likewise choose whether to publish one- or two-sided, whether to collate the print-outs, and also if you desire to print in color, grayscale, or black and white.

That’s just how to print multiple pages top top one page, but it won’t look great. Fortunately, there space some choices to customize how it all looks, which may be worth setup up come make points look more professional, an ext accessible, or both.

Print lot of slides on one web page that look great with the Handouts Master

Problems through PowerPoint handouts

How perform you print 3 slides per page handout without lines

How to publish multiple slides ~ above one page with Word

How to develop custom handouts in PowerPoint

How to produce customer handouts in PowerPoint v Zoom

How to produce custom handouts in PowerPoint with add-ins

Print multiple slides top top one page that look an excellent with the Handouts Master

By default, printing many slides on one web page looks nice basic. It’s simply the slides on a empty page. However with the Handouts master you can customize the formatting and add other facets to the pages in a devoted view the doesn’t influence your presentation slides. To carry out this go to the View tab ~ above the ribbon and also choose Handouts Master ~ above the left. This bring up a new view wherein you have the right to start come make changes to the layout of the handouts friend create.


Starting top top the left, you can change the web page orientation – either portrait or see – which effects how things will print. However don’t be fooled by the slide size option beside it, together this alters the aspect ratio of your presentation slides, no the totality handouts page to it is in printed, i beg your pardon is yes, really confusing. The page size because that the handout is identified by your printer’s paper size setting. To adjust that, use Ctrl + P to walk to the print options, under Printer in the height left pick Printer Properties, i beg your pardon will lug up the options for her printer. Somewhere in that menu (or series of menus), you’ll discover the file size options. Transforming the record size alters the size of the page you need to work with. No at every confusing, is it?

Back come the Handouts master view, on the left over there is additionally an choice to choose how countless slides are on every page. Friend can’t adjust the position or size of these, but it walk highlight wherein the on slide thumbnails will certainly be, showing you wherein can add additional content, graphics, and branding to the overall handouts page.


There are 4 placeholder aspects you can add – Header, Footer, Date, and Page Number. These are all aspects that are applied globally across all handouts pages, yet you have the right to customize them, changing the size, position, and formatting by click on any kind of of the elements on the master handouts web page itself, or adding/removing them utilizing the check boxes in the ribbon.

To actually add content come the Header or Footer, or show any type of of these four placeholders top top the handout pages you print, walk to the Insert tab top top the ribbon and choose Header & Footer over on the right. This bring up a new pop-up window, however carefully keep in mind the tiny tab in ~ the top, as there are two sets of header and footer alternatives here – one for the really presentation slides, and one because that the handouts whereby there are multiple slides top top one page. Pick the Notes and Handouts tab, and also there friend can choose which of the elements to include, and what the contents of the Header or Footer placeholders will certainly be.


Finally, you come to the formatting options. In the ribbon, girlfriend can collection the theme, which consists of colors and also fonts. I recommend you do this, as the Handouts check out does no pick up layout colors from the presentation on slide view. It’s basic to income the shade theme from your presentation. The very same goes for fonts too.

In enhancement to the layout formatting, friend can additionally format the page itself, by adding images, graphics, and other content. Just make certain they don’t interfere with the on slide thumbnails. When you desire to print multiple slides ~ above one page, the slides will always appear on peak of any type of content or graphic you’ve included to the Handouts grasp page, so girlfriend do have actually a little bit of imaginative license come create huge background graphics that the slides will certainly sit on height of. That also method that friend don’t require to concern too much if people change the number of slides every page. The said, in general, simple may be better.

troubles with PowerPoint handouts

The Handout pages in PowerPoint room pretty comparable to the notes pages. So whether you’re do the efforts to publish multiple pages ~ above one page or publish PowerPoint through notes, you’ll be utilizing the exact same mechanism. That means that there room a couple of problems it’s worth knowing about including the absence of hyperlinks, page size being an issue, publish setup bring about problems, and the woeful absence of guides throughout the entire page. You can read much more about the troubles with PowerPoint handouts here.

How carry out you publish 3 slides per page handout there is no lines?

One of the handout layouts is 3 Slides, which gives you three slides ~ above the left and also then present for writing notes ~ above the right. This is great usually, yet you can’t revolve them off. And also because noþeles you put on the handouts understand will always appear under the slides and also the lines, you can not mask them. There are some hacks, which are a bit more involved, so if you’re really keen girlfriend could shot using word or developing custom handouts in PowerPoint or using add-ins, i m sorry you have the right to read more about below.

How to print multiple slides ~ above one web page with Word

You can create handouts in Word making use of PowerPoint and also this gives you the capacity to customize her handouts further. Do this is:

Go to the File tab in the ribbon and select Export top top the left-hand sideChoose Create Handouts in the grey food selection barClick the Create Handouts switch on the rightThen choose Blank lines alongside slides from the pop-up menu


This generates a Word file with a long table in it. Currently if there space two things you don’t want to listen together, the tables and also Word, yet this is what you have to work with. Together it’s in Word, girlfriend can modify the content, therefore you can remove all of the lines beside the slides. Friend can readjust the sizing that the slides and also cells in the tables, so that you have the right to fit 4 slides per web page on the left with room to the right. You can readjust the spare part in word so the the slides cover more of the page. Essentially you have actually much greater control over where every little thing is, and while you need to manipulate a table in word to carry out it, if you choose the whole table changes to one cabinet should affect all others and also so all pages in the handout.


It’s not best though. No only since it’s a table, but since it’s yes, really slow. Word just doesn’t seem built to take care of this format, so transforms are made in ~ a glacial pace, and even just generating that in the very first place feels favor it should have a dreadful modem screeching sound accompanying it. This may be due to the fact that the record size is huge. A 27MB PowerPoint paper turned into a 101MB native file. This may be because the slides no pictures, yet objects, for this reason they space a live representation of the slides in the PowerPoint file, including all the high resolution images and also even videos that you don’t need in a handout.

What is nice about it is that due to the fact that the slides are actual PowerPoint slides, if you readjust the presentation, the slides in the word handout will upgrade automatically.

How to create custom handouts in PowerPoint

You could create a tradition handout to print multiple slides on one page by saving each of the slides as images and then arranging lock on a slide together you want. You have the right to use the complimentary BrightSlide add-in to save all the slides (or selected slides) in her deck together an image, and also even pick the size, so that the handout file size isn’t as well large. Yet then you’ve gained to develop the document. You can create a custom layout in the slide understand so that you can quickly drop the pictures in, but there is quiet the worry of version control and also how slides can obtain outdated.

You could then walk the trouble of creating separate handout record and climate copy/paste each individual slide as a Microsoft PowerPoint on slide Object, i beg your pardon you’ll discover in Home > Paste > Paste Special > Microsoft PowerPoint on slide Object. This is what happens when you violin handouts come Word, and also it’s likewise a pain to do. But the slides in the handout will update if they readjust in the presentation, and also you can develop custom web page sizes and also formatting.

How to create custom handouts in PowerPoint through Zoom

However, a practiced hack might be to use the Zoom link role in PowerPoint to create a series of live slide thumbnails the you deserve to then arrange into a suitable custom handout in PowerPoint whereby you can regulate the size and also position the the slide thumbnails, the number of them per slide, the arrangement, and include any custom facets you desire that will certainly help, such as a vital takeaway box. If anything alters on the slide, then the thumbnail will gain updated. The doesn’t add anything come the paper size and it’s all in the very same file, i beg your pardon is great for variation control and availability.


It does average your web page size is the same as the slide dimension though, so actual printing may be awkward, yet sharing as a PDF is most likely fine, together it will certainly be viewed on a screen that is virtually certainly widescreen 16:9 too.


How to produce custom handouts in PowerPoint v add-ins

Whatever her views on the pros and cons, that extra effort that you may not want to put in, therefore there space some neat devices that allow you automate the process of producing custom presentation handouts in PowerPoint that enable you print multiple slides top top one page.

Our totally free BrightSlide add-in will obtain you part of the way there, as I pointed out above, but Rich Michaels from great Circle finding out has developed the george! add-in, which provides you a an excellent many alternatives to publish multiple pages top top one page, with various layouts, formatting, and also resolution settings. You can even add a table of contents automatically if you’d like.

Another option, that’s a little cheaper, but likewise older is the Handout sorcerer’s add-in from the terrific Shyam Pillai. Again, this gives you a plethora of options for different layouts for her handouts. Both offer a cost-free trial, so you can try them out and see if they work-related for you.

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Alternatively, why not try creating completely custom content to assistance your presentation, to do even better handouts.