Sony"s playstations consoles, that seems, are like a fine party of scotch whiskey. Castle mature end time, and just store getting better and better. Yesterday"s PS3 and also PSP firmware to update have added a couple of highly preferable features that incorporate to make the playstations brand ever-more an attractive option for brand-new gamers.

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The large thing because that PS3 owners was the enhancement of DivX video support. So now you deserve to play and stream DivX videos wirelessly from your pc or from a USB stick. Your totally legal DivX movie collection is no longer stranded on her computer.

Play PS1 games on PSP

But the main new feature for those human being lucky sufficient to very own both a PSP and also PS3, is the ability to far play PS1 gamings on her PSP, via her PS3. Till now, the only official method to play original PlayStation games on her PSP was to download the couple of that are obtainable on the PS Store and load castle on come a storage card.

But the brand-new Remote Play alternative does come through its drawbacks. Sure, in concept you might load up her PS3 with downloaded PS1 games and also then play castle on her PSP from hundreds of miles far via the internet. Hell, girlfriend can also put a PS1 bowl in the PS3"s journey bay and also play that.

But this device uses software application emulation on the PS3 and only streams the audio and video feed to her PSP. Together you press buttons on your PSP, that details is fed ago via the net or network to your PS3 which renders the appropriate changes.

This is likely to make the game slightly sloppy with reduced visual quality. That"s something friend don"t acquire with the straightforward emulation of games stored on her PSP"s memory stick.

First time ever

"Up till yesterday"s update, it was only officially possible to play a select couple of PS1 title on the PSP, by downloading and install them native the playstations Store," says gamings journalist Mike Channell.

"However, firmware hackers unlocked the PSP"s indigenous PS1 emulation part time ago, and also began ripping disc photos from sleeve PS1 games. The remote Play revamp represents the very first time Sony has officially sanctioned customers to play any kind of of their very own purchased PS1 gamings on the portable system."

To make use of these cool new PS3 and also PSP features, all you"ve gained to perform is upgrade to the recent firmware native Sony.

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