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This short article will present you exactly how to burn iMovie come DVD v ease using various tools. In the period of streaming and online sharing, it’s tho a good idea come burn DVDs native iMovie or various other sources. Burning videos come DVD way more available playback, better preservation, and broader distribution and sharing.

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The Best way to Burn DVD indigenous iMovie

Use DVD Burner because that Mac to:

Burn iMovie to DVD to play top top TV or any kind of playable devicesBurn videos in any type of format prefer MP4, MKV, etc. To DVD/ISO/DVD FolderCreate professionally designed menu templates with assorted themesEdit video clip before burning v Crop/Watermark/Effect/Subtitle/Chapter/etc.Edit DVD title and include background snapshot & musicReal-time preview of all the changes and adjustmentsIntelligently increase or to decrease bitrate follow to paper sizeFree Download
Step 1Export iMovie Videos indigenous Videos to iDVD

After finishing the iMovie project, walk to iMovie"s top food selection bar. Choose Share > iDVD. Wait because that iDVD to open up the iMovie project, which might take a couple of minutes.


Note: when export iMovie to iDVD, that works ideal with videos of less than 60 minutes.

Step 3Start burning iMovie come DVD

After all room finished, insert a empty DVD into your Mac"s CD-ROM/DVD drive. Go to the iDVD food selection bar and choose document > Burn DVD.

How to Burn iMovie to DVD come Play on any Player without iDVD

DVD melted from iMovie won"t play on DVD player?

Here’s a scenario. You have actually successfully burned a movie come DVD utilizing a DVD burning tool. You are able to play it there is no a trouble on her computer. However, as soon as you shot playing the DVD on a DVD player, it no play. You shot again v a various player, and also it fails to beat too. This script is actually very common and also can likewise occur once you burn iMovie to DVD.

Why this happens

When it comes to burning DVDs, there are two major types: data DVD and video DVD. Friend are supposed to play a data DVD ~ above the computer and a video DVD on DVD players.

If her iMovie task is scorched to a data DVD, friend won’t be able to play and enjoy that on a continuous player since the player can’t decode the video data. The fact is that many freely obtainable DVD burning tools only burn videos to data DVDs.

Can i burn iMovie to DVD to play on any DVD player?

Yes. Friend can.

With the help of experienced DVD burning software application for Mac, you room able come burn videos shot by smart phones or camcorders come DVD, so the you have the right to play them on TV or various other playable devices. You can use DVD Burner to effectively burn any video clip files (including iMovie projects) come DVD for any DVD player. This DVD burner because that Mac offers easy DVD burning options to fulfill your needs.

Free Download

#1 Burn any video clip files nevertheless of video formats

It supports nearly all video species such as iMovie projects, MP4, HD MKV (H.264, MPEG-2 HD), iTunes video clip (M4V), quick Time video clip (MOV, QT), etc.


#2 Burn videos come DVD-Video disc, DVD folder, or ISO papers for any type of DVD player

Burn iMovie job to DVD in the most dominant format DVD-Video so that you i will not ~ have any kind of problems play the shed DVD top top DVD player or computer.

#3 edit videos before burning

Before burn DVD, girlfriend can quickly do editing such as rotating, cropping, adding effects/music/subtitles, etc.

#4 progressed DVD burn settings

Set to burn DVD based on disc volume (DVD5 or DVD9), TV mechanism (NTSC or PAL), display ratio (16:9 or 4:3), etc.

Instructions: exactly how to burn iMovie come DVD come play on any type of DVD player


Here"s a video clip tutorial:

Other methods to Burn iMovie come DVD there is no iDVD

If your Mac doesn’t have actually iDVD, girlfriend can also use iDVD alternatives.

1. How to burn iMovie come DVD v iTunes

iTunes permits you to develop various species of discs consisting of DVDs. The instructions below will show you just how to burn iMovie job to DVD making use of iTunes.

Step 1. Start iMovie. Pick the iMovie job you are going to burn come DVD. Go to "File" > "Share" > "iTunes". The iTunes dialog box will appear.


Step 2. Indigenous the "Resolution" dropdown menu, it’s encourage to pick the highest possible resolution available. Click "Share". Wait because that the exporting to finish.

Step 3. Launch iTunes. Select "Movies" > "Library" > "Home Videos". The iMovie video should show up there.

Step 4. Create a playlist that consists of the iMovie video. Insert a empty disc. Select the said playlist. Select "File" > "Burn Playlist come Disc".

Step 5. In the "Burn Settings" dialog box, pick "Data CD" or "DVD". Click "Burn". This is how to burn a DVD native iMovie utilizing iTunes.


2. Just how to put iMovie ~ above DVD with Burn

Burn is a cost-free and open-source DVD burning application for macOS. This iMovie come DVD creator enables you to create and also burn discs effortlessly. Coming with a very straightforward interface, Burn lets you easily pick the form of DVD or CD you desire to burn. Listed below is a short tutorial on exactly how to violin iMovie task to DVD using this DVD creator.

Step 1. Beginning iMovie. Choose record > re-publishing > File. The document dialog crate will display up.

From the "Format" dropdown menu, select video clip and Audio. Native the Resolution menu, select the resolution friend prefer. It"s recommended to choose a high resolution such as 1080p 60. Click Next and also select a folder to save the exported file. Click "Save".

Step 2. Download and also install Burn on your Mac. Beginning the app.

Step 3. In the bottom-left corner, click the "+" symbol. Browse and also select the iMovie project record you’ve simply exported.

If the video record is not supported by Burn, the One incompatible record dialog crate will display up questioning if you want to convert the document to the sustained format. Click "Convert". The conversion will take a while.

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Step 4. After ~ the switch is finished, the file will show up in Burn. Click "Burn", and this application will begin burning iMovie task to the disc put into her computer.