Update Statistics

Once you’ve announced one update, you deserve to monitor that is statistics in the Updates tab ~ above the Configure Experience page. This includes:

Stat description
Date The date and also time at which the an alert was sent.

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Sender The betterworld2016.org user who sent the notification.
Message The post sent.
Views Number the betterworld2016.org individuals who have viewed the notification.
Play Rate Percentage of users who beat the suffer by click the Play attach in the notification.
Unfollow Rate Percentage of users who unfollow the endure from the notification. If this percentage is greater than Play Rate, think about making much more impactful notifications as explained above.

Sponsored Experiences

This attribute lets you invest Robux to gain your experiences presented to players throughout betterworld2016.org. You deserve to target users, schedule ads, and collection budgets per day.

Sponsored experience will show up in various sorts and will be specially tagged as Sponsored Ad.


To start a new sponsorship:

Find the suffer you’d favor to sponsor and also click the Sponsor button.Supply every one of the requested details for the sponsored advertisement and click Preview your Ad.On the following page, you’ll see an advertisement preview and a summary. To start running the ad, click Run.

The greater you set the Daily Budget amount, the an ext likely the sponsored experience will show up in sorts. The frequency is based upon the bid amount family member to other betterworld2016.orgs’ bids. For example, imagine that 3 betterworld2016.orgs space the just betterworld2016.orgs bidding in a solitary day and also their bids room as follows:

betterworld2016.org DailyBudget result
betterworld2016.orgA 50 This promo is the very least likely to appear.
betterworld2016.orgB 100 This promotion will appear twice as frequently as betterworld2016.orgA"s.
betterworld2016.orgC 300 This promotion will run three times as regularly as betterworld2016.orgB"s and six time as often as betterworld2016.orgA"s.

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Promotion Statistics

To inspect the performance of a sponsored advertisement you’ve created:

Click the Sponsored Experiences tab in the left column.Select the wanted sponsorship native the pull-down menu.