After thriving throughout Prohibition, this soda fountain clip was immortalized in a tune by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

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When Richard C. Jones of Davenport, Iowa, concocted a sparkling eco-friendly drink to lure high institution students to his ice cream shop and also soda fractional in 1916, small did he understand that sooner or later it would store a brewery in operation throughout Prohibition, inspire a famous rock song, and also become a prize of irish festivities in Chicago. However such is the charm of the electrical Green flow soft drink, through its characteristic lemon-lime tang.

Jones named his development “Green River,” and also it was an instantly famous Davenportian refreshment. In 1919, he offered his recipe to the Schoenhofen Edelweiss Brewing firm in Chicago, i beg your pardon manufactured and sold the beverage until the agency shut under its brewery in 1950. During the beforehand years that Prohibition, once Schoenhofen had actually to limit production of that Edelweiss beer, that is said the agency got by native the sales of environment-friendly River. From about 1930 come 1950, green River to be the second-most famous carbonated beverage in the Midwest, after ~ Coca-Cola. After ~ Schoenhofen closeup of the door operations, several other entities owned the an enig recipe and also distribution legal rights for green River, and the drink would sporadically popular music up at stores or drive-ins.

Green River’s popularity spread as far as California, wherein it discovered its most renowned fan. Creedence Clearwater Revival’s man Fogerty called a track after the verdant drink, which he took pleasure in at his community pharmacy. In the CCR biography Bad Moon Rising, Fogerty says, “The drink was a green, lime drink top top ice with fizz water, a soggy green snow cone. It is what I would order and also it make me the happiest.” The tape released “Green River,” who lyrics described a walk along a river (and did not point out the soda), in 1969. Even though the song was a enormous hit, few know the origins of the name and the soda has actually remained a mostly Midwestern favorite. While it is uncertain why Richard Jones named eco-friendly River thus, the drink’s fortuitous name and also green shade make that a perfect refreshment for St. Patrick’s work celebrations in Chicago, when the Chicago flow is dyed green. Nearly a third of green River’s yearly sales allegedly happen approximately St. Patrick’s Day. Chicagoans have been enamored of this electric-green fizzy pop for over a century.

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Though the brand was acquired by the California-based WIT Beverage agency in 2011 and Mr. Jones’s initial shop no longer exists, you deserve to still find an authentic green River soda in its genealogical home. Simply slide top top a stool in ~ Lagomarcino’s soda fountain respond to in Davenport, where a update glass costs about $2.