Wondering how to sign up with the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim to come to be a master assassin? Here's what you have to do.

The Dark Brotherhood is a mystery society that dates all the method back to the very first Elder Scrolls game, Arena, and also Skyrim players have the right to join the if they so choose. It"s no the most daunting faction come join, yet if you desire to be an assassin, you have to know how to carry out so.

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This Skyrim overview will call you everything you need to understand if you"ve ever wanted come know just how to sign up with the Dark Brotherhood and also become a grasp assassin.

How to join the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim

Before you have the right to join this faction, you will need to find Aventus Aretino, a Nord boy in Windhelm performing the Black Sacrament, a ritual provided to contact the Dark Brotherhood.

During your travels, rumors the Aretino will circulate around Skyrim. You may hear it from a variety of different NPCs, consisting of guards and also innkeepers.

If you"re having actually trouble finding an NPC who will call you about him, you can speak with Maul in Riften next to the city entrance; if he"s not there, it"s possible he"s in the Mistveil Keep. You will should pay that to get information regarding the Dark Brotherhood. Similarly, the kids in the Honorhall Orphanage in Riften will frequently talk around Aretino.

When girlfriend eventually catch word the his antics, the assorted objective "Talk come Aventus Aretino" will automatically begin.

You have the right to now walk to Windhelm to speak v Aretino in his home. Girlfriend will uncover him kneeling end a skeleton performing a ritual to call the Dark Brotherhood. He will certainly assume his ritual was a success and that you are an assassin who was sent to him.

When you speak with him, you will be given the "Innocence Lost" quest, among Skyrim"s darkest quests.


To finish this quest and also join the Dark Brotherhood, girlfriend mustkill Grelod the Kind, the old woman that operates the Honorhall Orphanage, that Aretino insurance claims to be a awful person. Upon death her, the orphans will cheer. Return come Aretino and let him understand that the deed is done to finish the quest.

With the finished, you will now should wait 24 hours before you have the right to be contacted through the Dark Brotherhood. After the time, sleep in a bed, and also when friend awake, you will find that you have been abducted through the Brotherhood and also taken to a strange shack.

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In this shack, there will be a Dark Brotherhood assassin called Astrid and also three hostages. To sign up with the Brotherhood, simply kill one of the hostages, and you will certainly be automatically invited into the feared an enig society. Accept the invitation, and also you are in.

If girlfriend attack and kill Astrid, you"ll begin a questline to destroy the Dark Brotherhood, so select wisely!


And that"s exactly how you sign up with the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim. Currently you have accessibility to one of the most amazing questlines in the game, too as new armor and weapons. Well, uneven you choose to ruin the Dark Brotherhood, that is. Either way, if you"re feather for more tips and tricks forSkyrim, take into consideration checking out our guides page!