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installation a submersible pump is not as challenging a task as it may sound. A deep-well pump set at 500 feet walk in precisely the same means as one set at 50 feet, v the exception that really deep wells need stronger pipe, usually galvanized. The same simple methods use when wiring or setting it, however.

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Submersible pump, rated because that the depth of her well Pump manage box, corresponding the pump"s speech Propane torch Heat-shrink pipe connectors Crimp connectors Plastic cable ties Pliers or wire cutters 1 1/4-inch pipe, plastic or galvanized 1 1/4-inch steel to plastic fitting security rope, 3/8-inch


Turn turn off all power to the pump and also control box before beginning. If in doubt, speak to a certified electrician or pump specialist.

Find the ideal Pump

Make sure your well casing is large enough come accommodate a 4-inch submersible pump.

The depth of your well and also the length of the water line from the fine to the house will determine how huge your pump demands to be. If you carry out not know the depth of your well, fall a heavy weight on a string at the very least 400 to 500 feet lengthy down the well till it hits bottom, then mark the string with tape in ~ ground level.

Subtract 10 feet from your well depth to store the pump clear of sediment at the bottom of the well, then inspect the various pump ratings to find a pump that is rated because that this depth.

If you space pumping uphill come the residence or end a long distance, you may need an also larger pump. Speak to a pump expert for aid if needed.

When you have chose on the exactly pump, to buy a pump control box of the very same rating. If your pump is 1 1/2 horsepower, girlfriend will need a 1 1/2 speech pump controller.

Assemble Pump and also Pipe

With the pipe and also pump top top the ground next to the well, wrap the object of the 1 1/4-inch masculine barbed adapter through thread tape and thread it right into the top of the pump.

Slide 2 hose clamps end the fitting. If you space using a torque arrester, likewise slide the two clamps because that the arrester over the fitting.

Work the end of her PVC pipe right into the barbed adapter. You will require at the very least 12 feet the Schedule 80 1 1/4-inch PVC pipeline to affix to the pump. If you room running PVC every the means up the well, this step applies to either one.

Use the two hose clamps to clamp the water tap to the fitting. The entire system need to be watertight, or the pump will certainly not work.

Clamp the speak arrester to the PVC pipe around 4 inches above the fitting. Wrap electrical tape around the pipe above and below the speak arrester to keep it from sliding up or down the pipe while the pump is gift lowered right into the well.

When buying your pipe, determine whether friend will use a pitless adapter in the fine casing or part other type of fitting to attach the well pipe come the discharge pipe at the top of the casing. You will need to install these prior to inserting the pump into the well.

Electrical Hookup (Pump)

The size wire you operation from the pump controller to the well must match the manufacturer"s specifications, as too-small wires cause low beginning voltage, inducing unnecessary wear and tear ~ above the pump and also possibly voiding the warranty.

If you space uncertain exactly how to proceed with wiring, friend should call a standard electrician.

The wire leads indigenous the pump space color-coded black, yellow, red and green (ground). You must splice this to the matching wire leader from the manage box in the pump house. These most likely run underground or overhead to your well.

Slide one of the black shrink-fit pipe connectors over each pigtail comes from the pump. This consists of the green ground wire, which have to be wired come the ground cable from the control box.

Use the crimp relationships to crimp each wire color to its mate.

Slide the black shrink fit connectors end the exposed, crimped wires, and also use the propane torch come shrink the tubes. Carry out not allow the pipe touch during heating, and do not over-shrink. This could put holes in the tube or cause them to become brittle.

Use a bucket the water and an ohmmeter come test for continuity. Submerge the splices completely, leave the bare ends to run to the pump controller the end of the bucket.

Set the ohmmeter come zero.

Submerge one of the ohmmeter"s leads in the water and touch the various other to the bare ends of each wire, one ~ the other. If the meter reads infinity, the splices room good.

If the ohmmeter needle move to zero on any kind of wire, the splice is no watertight. To find out wherein the difficulty lies, pull the wire slowly out the the bucket, leave the ohmmeter command still touching the ceiling end. As soon as the needle flips come infinity, you have discovered where the splice is bad.

Repair the link with a splice kit and test again.

Secure the wires running down the well to the pipe, using electric tape or cable ties every few feet. Carry out not large the cable tightly; it requirements some give. Defend the exposed splices with electrical tape to save them native scraping the fine casing or the pipe.

Setting the Pump

Before start to set the pump, have your safety rope in place. The safety rope is a thin, strong rope as lengthy as the depth the the well. Tie one end to the safety and security eyelet at the height of the pump and also the other to the fitting within the fine cap. Because this is her insurance versus losing the pump down the well, perform not skimp ~ above the quality of the rope, and also test her knots.

For shallower wells utilizing PVC pipe, you have the right to likely do the project with 3 or four people: one to guide the pump under the well and also the rather to steady and feed the pipe into the fine casing.

For deep wells, particularly if galvanized pipeline is used, you will need something to stable the load of the pipe, commonly a tripod sustaining a block and also tackle, which supports the pump top top its safety and security rope. For detailed instructions on how to construct a tripod and foot clamp, see Resources.

Use the block and also tackle to reduced the pipeline assembly into the well and hold the while girlfriend assemble each section.

Do not lower the pump every the method to the bottom that the well, together it will easily clog and burn out. Set it at least 10 feet above the bottom.

At the optimal of the well, connect the pipeline to the preinstalled pitless adapter, if you space using one, or attach the pipe to the discharge pipe above the fine seal.

At the Pump House

The lengthy ends the wire running from the well feed right into the pump controller, i m sorry must enhance your pump in horsepower rating, or it will not job-related properly.

The studs inside the manage box space labeled to correspond to the pump wires (L1, L2, R, Y, B). If you space at all uncertain about wiring the pump yourself, speak to a certified electrician; otherwise, object the wires right into the ideal connections and also tighten the screws.

Ground the eco-friendly wire to the device ground or the panel box ground bar.

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How your manage box fits into the remainder of her water mechanism will count on even if it is the pump is discharging straight right into a cistern or running with a press tank. Monitor the manufacturer"s indict on the press tank, or contact an electrician to assist you determine the best method to incorporate your pump controller right into your specific system.