When it pertains to ironing, there are rather a the majority of rules. Each garment and also material needs a different heat and heavy steam setting.

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We’ll teach you how to iron polyester curtains, dresses, shirts and also pants. Save in mental our peak tips and also unbreakable rules once it concerns ironing polyester. Through this ultimate guide, you’ll never ever ruin one more polyester garment again.

When ironing polyester, always check the treatment label. It will certainly tell you which heat setting to use. Turn the polyester garment within out and also keep a damp fabric in in between the fabric and iron soleplate at every times. Utilizing a short to tool heat, stole the garment in vertical motions until every wrinkles room removed. Cave the garment increase immediately.

What Is Polyester?

Polyester is a man-made, fabricated material acquired from petroleum (1). Many polyester fibers space made from ethylene, a hydrocarbon. The ethylene glycol is combined with an acid to develop polyester (2). This all sounds complicated, however basically, polyester is a form of plastic.

Polyester is one of the most popular and commonly used products in the world. It have the right to be provided for all species of things such as clothing, residence furniture, commercial use, technology, insulation and much more. The has numerous advantages, including (3):

It doesn’t absorb moisture (which makes it good for exercise gear).It is good for water, soil and also fire-resistant finishes.Some polyester is stain resistant.Fabrics don’t shrink or go the end of shape.It’s basic to dye.It acts together a hypoallergenic insulator.It’s affordable.Some polyester clothing are normally wrinkle resistant.

Although polyester has numerous advantages, there space two large drawbacks. One is that polyester is heat-sensitive, so it deserve to melt once exposed come high temperatures during the washing, dry or ironing regimen (4).

The 2nd drawback is the polyester is contributing to greenhouse gases. In 2014, polyester to be responsible because that 40 percent of the fashion industry’s emissions (5).

Can you Iron 100% Polyester?

Yes, you have the right to iron 100% polyester. However, that is an important that girlfriend look at the garment’s treatment label an initial to view if this is recommended. If not, we don’t advise ironing the item. Instead, girlfriend could try steaming it through a handheld steamer.

How come Iron Polyester

We’ll carry out a action by action tutorial for ironing various polyester items. For each section, we recommend a vapor iron. Vapor is gentler ~ above polyester and can get rid of wrinkles without the require to use heat directly to the fabric.

How come Iron Polyester Curtains

Check the garment treatment label to view the encourage iron settings. It will most likely be “warm.”Plug her iron in, rotate it ~ above and set it to the warmth setting. Permit it to heat up.Place a thin fabric or towel end the curtains to safeguard the polyester from direct heat. Iron over this towel rather straight onto the curtains.Iron the curtains until the wrinkles space gone. Start from the height of the curtains and also work your way down, going width ways.Once did you do it finished ironing a section, let the cool and then move the curtains follow me the plank to steel the following section.If the wrinkles room stubborn, use heavy steam or spray the towel with water prior to ironing over it again.Hang the curtains up instantly to let heaviness pull out extra wrinkles.

Use The Steam

If her iron can vapor vertically, friend can likewise use that setup to iron the end wrinkles ~ above curtains. This conserves you from acquisition them down to iron. Just steam from the bottom come the top, remove wrinkles as you go.

How to Iron a Polyester Dress

Read the garment care label to examine the ideal temperature and vapor settings for the dress.Take away removable functions from the dress such together a belt or tie wrap.Turn the dress within out.Lay the dress flat onto the ironing board.Put a wet thin fabric or towel end the dress. This helps get out stubborn wrinkles there is no damaging the polyester fabric.Plug in your iron, turn it top top and collection it the ideal temperature.Start in ~ the collar and also sleeves of the dress, ironing upwards.Make your way down the dress, maintaining the stole pointing upwards. Proceed in vertical movements, so the you’re ironing in one direction.Turn the dress over and also iron the back.Hang the dress up as soon as you finished.

If the dress is larger, you deserve to pull the skirt around the board, for this reason the board is in between the prior and ago of the dress. This is especially useful for floaty dresses or dresses that nothing fit ~ above the board.


Don’t use vapor directly top top a polyester dress. You might scorch or melt the fabric. If utilizing steam, make certain to put a fabric or towel over the dress first.

How to Iron Polyester dress Pants

Lay the dress pants top top the ironing board, with the board inside one leg at a time.Plug the iron in, revolve it come the correct setup and allow it to warm up.First, stole the bag linings.Next, location a damp fabric or towel over the trousers. You’ll be ironing over this rather of applying direct warmth to the fabric.Iron the waistband and top that the trousers. Press and lift together you go, rather of smoothing the iron over the fabric.Move come the foot of the trousers. Wrinkles it at the crease because that a skilled finish. Press and also lift the iron all the way down the leg.Press and also lift the iron in ~ the cuff that the dress pants.Repeat top top the various other side that the dress pants, beginning with the waistband and also top. Then relocate to the leg.If the seat and also front the the trousers have brand-new wrinkles, eliminate them while still ironing end the wet cloth.Once complete, hang the trousers immediately.

How come Iron a Polyester Shirt

Check the garment treatment label because that temperature and also steam setup advice.Dampen a towel or thin towel, also — because that extra aid getting out wrinkles without damaging the fabric.Undo every the buttons and lay the shirt on the ironing board face down, v the collar ~ above the board.Plug in the iron, turn it on and also let it warm up.Put the fabric over the collar so that the soleplate of the iron never ever comes in direct contact with the fabric.Open the collar flat and also iron the back of it, native the edges functioning your way into the middle.Next, open the cuffs and iron them working from the outside in. Repeat on the various other cuff. Protect against ironing over the buttons.Next, stole the ago of the shirt. If the shirt has actually pleats, stole carefully around them. Relocate your shirt around the plank to make certain you iron every customs of the garment.Next, steel the shoulders of the shirt. Repeat on each side.Now, that time to iron the former — likewise known as the placket — that the shirt. Go in lengthways activities up the former of the shirt. Repeat top top the other side. It is in careful about the buttons.Iron the front of the collar. Usage the same technique as girlfriend did because that the back, functioning from the exterior in.

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Bonus Tip

You can additionally turn the shirt inside out and using a wet cloth. If you discover the shirt isn’t de-wrinkling, as long as you’re using a cloth, you can turn the heat a little greater to aid remove wrinkles.

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