How do you run to moonglade?

To enter it by foot, you very first need to go v the entire stretch the Felwood, a level 45-50 zone, starting in Ashenvale. Druids have the right to learn to teleport us to Moonglade in ~ level 14, which provides it really easy for night elf druids to access Darnassus and also Darkshore as soon as they need to.

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Is there a portal to darnassus moonglade?

When you port in come moonglade, go under the hill (NW) and also then turn ideal to go over the bridge (by the moonwell). Turn left in ~ the moonwell and also go v the vendor area (with Dargon), follow the path around to the right and then to the left. The gryph understand is on your right.

Is there a portal in moonglade?

There room portals in Moonglade only one time the the year. Over there are also four flight points in Moonglade – 2 are open to everyone of the proper faction, the other two just to Druids. The Druid flightmasters offer cost-free flights come Thunder Bluff (Horde) and Darnassus (Alliance).

How execute you gain the portal come moonglade?

To get to Moonglade, there is currently a dreamwalk portal come Moonglade outside the Druid’s course order hall. To obtain to; use Dreamwalk. Upon arriving, open up your map climate look to see that among the portals surrounding you is titled Moonglade :).

How perform you gain teleport come moonglade?

Teleport: Moonglade is a druid-only teleport spell learned at level 14. The teleports the caster come the city the Nighthaven, Moonglade. When actors a second time, it sends the druid ago to their initial leave point.

How does a druid leaving moonglade?

there is no flight suggest in moonglade. You can only fly the end of there by talk to a flight master.

How execute I acquire to felwood?

Getting over there Alliance: native Astranaar in Ashenvale, head east to the point where the roadway branches to the north. Take the north fork right into Felwood. Along the road, the Cenarion circle have collection up a camp with a trip path available.

Is over there a trip master in felwood?

Felwood now has 2 alliance fps, quite then 1 together before. The new fp is in ~ Emerald Sanctuary at 51,82.

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How do I walk to felwood?

Go south through Darkshore come Ashenvale. About them center of Ashenvale there’s a course leading north the goes to Felwood.

Where can I level Classic?

Starting ar (1-10)Silverpine forest (10-20)The Barrens (10-30)Stonetalon hills (20-30)Ashenvale / Hillsbrad Foothills (25-30)Stranglethorn Vale (north) / thousand Needles (30-35)Desolace / Arathi Highlands (35-40)Stranglethorn Vale (south) / Badlands / Dustwallow marsh (40-45)

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