Right as you obtain the nationwide Dex, friend will obtain the bag Radar, too. The function of this handy an essential Item is to point out whereby in grass you can find Pokemon. These can allude out rare Pokemon, and some Pokemon space only easily accessible by utilizing this.

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The punctured Radar can only be offered in regular grass the wild Pokemon appear in. "Normal grass" walk not incorporate surfing ~ above water, gift in a cave/building, or an extremely tall grass. You additionally cannot usage this while you space on your bike. Furthermore, after you use it, it needs a 50-step recharging duration before you have the right to use that again (which can be done on the bike).


When it is used, friend will see multiple squares that grass begin to rustle because that a second. Some might rustle much more violently than others, and also these indicate a far better chance to find a rarely Pokemon. As soon as you get in one of this squares, a battle will begin. However, these room not the just squares you deserve to still discover Pokemon in. If you don"t use a Repel, you deserve to still find Pokemon in common encounters.

After a Radar-induced wild Pokemon fight that led to a catch or fainting that the wild Pokemon (ie, friend cannot operation away), the Radar will start up again, and more grass will rustle. In ~ this point, you will have actually a great chance of seeing the same types of Pokemon if you pick a patch of grass the rustled in a similar means and farther away. So, if that rustled conveniently the an initial time, make sure it moves easily the next time. If you perform not encounter the exact same Pokemon, you will not be able to do this again. This is frequently known as chaining. In bespeak to continue chaining, you"ll require a Repel; a normal battle breaks the chain.

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Shiny Pokemon can additionally be recognize by using the poke Radar. This will create a sparkle once the grass rustles, for this reason make sure you store an eye the end for those, too. If you regulate to obtain a an excellent chain going, the possibilities of seeing a shiny Pokemon boosts dramatically. For more information, watch our glowing guide.

Here is a list of Pokemon that must be acquired with the bag Radar in each area, consisting of version notes:

Fuego IronworksDiamond and also Platinum
Route 210 (Fog)Pearl and Platinum
Route 206Diamond, Pearl and also Platinum
Route 218Diamond and also Pearl
Route 224Diamond and also Pearl
Route 224Diamond and Pearl
Route 222Diamond, Pearl and Platinum
Route 212 (Rain)Diamond, Pearl and Platinum
HoppipFuego IronworksPearl
HoppipRoute 205 (South)Diamond, Pearl and also Platinum
HoppipRoute 205 (North)Diamond
HoundoomRoute 214Pearl
HoundoomRoute 215Pearl
Route 210 (Fog)Diamond
KirliaRoute 203Diamond and Pearl
KirliaRoute 204 (South)Diamond and also Pearl
KirliaRoute 209Platinum
Route 207Diamond
Mt. Coronet (Snowing)Diamond, Pearl and also Platinum
MankeyRoute 225Diamond, Pearl and Platinum
MankeyRoute 226Diamond, Pearl and also Platinum
Valley WindworksDiamond, Pearl and Platinum
MightyenaRoute 214Diamond
MightyenaRoute 215Diamond
MiltankRoute 209Diamond and Pearl
MiltankRoute 210Diamond, Pearl and also Platinum
Nidoran F
Route 201Diamond, Pearl and Platinum
Nidoran M
Route 201Diamond, Pearl and also Platinum
NidorinaValor LakefrontDiamond, Pearl and also Platinum
NidorinaRoute 221Diamond, Pearl and also Platinum
NidorinoValor LakefrontDiamond, Pearl and also Platinum
NidorinoRoute 221Diamond, Pearl and Platinum
Eterna ForestDiamond, Pearl and Platinum
Route 217Platinum
Route 214Platinum
PrimeapeRoute 225Diamond, Pearl and Platinum
PrimeapeRoute 226Diamond, Pearl and Platinum
RaltsRoute 203Diamond and Pearl
RaltsRoute 204 (South)Diamond and also Pearl
Route 202Diamond, Pearl and also Platinum
SkiploomFuego IronworksPearl
SkiploomRoute 205 (North)Diamond
Route 205 (North)Pearl and Platinum
SmeargleRoute 208Platinum
SmeargleRoute 212Diamond, Pearl and Platinum
SnoruntAcuity LakefrontDiamond and also Pearl
SnoruntRoute 216Diamond and also Pearl
SnoruntRoute 217Diamond and also Pearl
Route 207Pearl and also Platinum
Route 204 (North)Diamond, Pearl and Platinum
Route 211 (East)Diamond and also Pearl
Route 213Diamond, Pearl and Platinum
TaurosRoute 209Diamond and Pearl
TaurosRoute 210Diamond, Pearl and also Platinum
Route 230Diamond, Pearl and Platinum
TorkoalStark MountainDiamond, Pearl and also Platinum
TorkoalRoute 227Diamond, Pearl and also Platinum
Route 228Diamond and Pearl
TyrogueRoute 208Diamond and Pearl
TyrogueRoute 211 (West)Diamond, Pearl and also Platinum
Route 229Diamond, Pearl and also Platinum
Route 229Diamond, Pearl and also Platinum
Route 228Diamond and Pearl
WobbuffetLake VerityDiamond, Pearl and also Platinum
WobbuffetLake ValorDiamond, Pearl and Platinum
WobbuffetLake AcuityDiamond and Pearl

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