Imagine this. It’s Saturday morning and life is good. You’re kicked earlier on the couch listening come the children play when the youngest come running into the room with a gigantic smile plastered across her face. She is bringing girlfriend her recent masterpiece to share and as girlfriend sit approximately intercept her, you realize a second – as well late the she has a paintbrush in her various other hand.

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A an extremely wet paintbrush.

A very wet paintbrush covered in red paint.

A an extremely wet paintbrush covered in red repaint that is currently dripping best down the facility of her bright, white couch.


For countless of us, this is a worst-nightmare scenario wherein we aren’t certain what we have to do, or even what procedures to take. However no worries! at Guardsman, we know exactly how to handle this sort of emergency. Just keep reading for a couple of key tips to assist keep your couch looking shiny and also new.

First Step: Diagnosis

The first step is to number out what form of repaint you are dealing with. There are two main culprits, oil-based paint and also water-based paint. Exactly how do you tell i beg your pardon one you are facing? The best means is to check the paint’s container. If the packaging is available, climate it should give you a clear idea of the type. Side note…your paint might be labeled together either latex or acrylic, these room both just names because that specific species of water-based paint.

If the packaging is not available, then things gain trickier however we can still make an education guess. Touch the repaint to see exactly how it feels. Water-based paint tends come feel rather thin when oil-based paint has actually a slick, oil-like feel.

After you diagnose, the time to gain down to business!


Water-Based paint Stain Removal

Start by making use of a smooth device to scrape off as much paint together you can. If the paint has dried, climate you will want to use a stubborn brush, like a toothbrush, to carefully pull the chunks of repaint away indigenous the fabric. Execute this slowly as friend don’t desire to damages your upholstery.

Pro Tip: use short, one strokes, lot like girlfriend would use on her teeth. This will aid loosen the dried paint and lift it from the fabric.

Once you have removed as lot paint together you deserve to with the brush, blot the area with a wet rag or towel come lift the color. The is an extremely important not to rub the stain as that may work to spread out the repaint rather than eliminate it. Girlfriend may likewise want come spray a small amount of stain remover top top the spot, or also vinegar, on the stain to aid facilitate the cleaning process.

The last step of the process is to rinse the area. Utilizing a clean towel and also fresh water, easy blot the area continuously until the critical traces of shade are gone. This might take numerous rounds that rinsing, but should serve to totally remove the stain once and also for all.

Oil-Based repaint Stain Removal

Oil-based paint is a bit different because it is, as you might guess by the name, oil based. The thing around oil and also water? They nothing mix! So, the last thing you want to do is obstacle this stain v a damp or wet rag.

To start, take it the same stiff-bristled brush and use short, circular strokes, tenderness pulling the paint away from the fabric. Eliminate as much shade as feasible before relocating to the following step.

This is whereby oil-based repaint is different. To effectively clean your couch, girlfriend will should procure several of the solvent recommended by the manufacturer – shot to contact them via their website. This will aid dissolve the oil and should lift the majority of the stain. Begin by act a tiny test that the solvent somewhere the cannot it is in seen. This will help ensure that the solvent will certainly not do more damage.

Using a clean rag, closely blot the area. You want to save the solvent as close come the stain as feasible to avoid the shade from spreading.

Next, blot up the repaint with a clean, dried towel. Save repeating these procedures until the color has lifted.

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Once the shade is gone, use waterless hand cleaner top top a clean bath towel or sponge to remove the solvent residue. At this point, the oil native the paint have to be completely removed. An interpretation you have the right to now wash the area v clean water to complete things up and also bring her couch earlier to life.

If friend have any questions ~ above stubborn stains or exactly how you can bring brand-new life to her favorite furniture, then provide the Guardsman team every call. We can aid you keep your children art work-related off her furniture and also on the walls where the belongs!