As who who provided to it is in terrified (and I mean terrified) the rollercoasters till I was about 15 years old, I completely understand why for this reason many human being out there room scared that coasters. However how can you get over this fear? What is the best roller coaster phobia cure? We’ve come up v some steps you can take to start encountering your fear and also begin learning to love roller coasters. Just remember that your phobia of roller coasters can it is in reduced and also even got rid of over time - i’m living proof the you can overcome this fear, no matter exactly how impossible it seems! So stop dive in and also take a look in ~ the methods you can actively start addressing and overcoming her roller coaster phobia today.

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It’s constantly best to start by trying to uncover the root of her fear. Knowledge the certain things you are scared of can help you find the best way to tackle and overcome it. Asking yourself, why am i scared the rides? number out what facets of roller coasters concern you the many - this could be anything, like a are afraid of heights, are afraid of roller coaster fall or worries about restraint safety. As soon as you’ve figured out the special, of your are afraid you have the right to start to reduce the are afraid even before you acquire within 10 feet that a layout park.

There room a variety of ways you have the right to do this and the methods you select will rely on what you’re scared of. If your fears surround the idea of roller coaster security (e.g. Restraint might pop open up or the framework of the ride could fall down) we would suggest doing some research right into the countless safety actions that room in ar to protect riders. This way you have the right to debunk any type of fears which might be irrational and also not based on facts. Once you have the truth it’s less complicated to reassure yourself that you’ll it is in alright when riding a roller coaster.

If your are afraid is more about no being comfortable through the unknown, we would imply researching the ride you desire to walk on an initial in many detail. You can read about it, watch POVs and also off-ride clip or also go come the park and also watch the journey in action. The an ext you research, the less the ride will be unfamiliar to you. This will assist ease your nerves and get you offered to exactly how the ride moves and how it might feel to ride it.

There are several other techniques you have the right to use depending on your certain roller coaster fear. As soon as you’ve taken what you’re scared of you’ll be much more prepared to discover ways to conquer it.



So currently you know precisely what you’re scared of - what now? we think the best thing come do following is to choose the strategy you desire to use. There room two main ways you deserve to go in terms of actually gaining on rollercoasters:

Start Big

If you someone who super determined and also feel like diving in at the deep end, you can start v a vast coaster and also face your fear head on. By riding the greatest coaster you’d be beginning at the peak - when you’ve done that you deserve to do anything!

Start Small

If you’re looking for a an ext gentle approach and also feel favor you have to ease your method into it, you could start with a household coaster and also work your method up come bigger rides later. This is most likely the much more popular strategy come use and is certainly less intense than beginning big.



Once you’ve chosen your strategy, the time to select your first ride and also get acquainted with it. Us would indicate doing part research prior to choosing the first ride you’ll face. Review some reviews and opinions from rather to uncover the appropriate ride for you. Some things you should think about when researching: the nature that the journey (smooth or rough), its height and the sort of elements it features. Pick something girlfriend think will certainly be manageable and will it is in a great starting allude for you.

We additionally recommend doing numerous research and really gaining to recognize your ride prior to you go on it. This will help you become more familiar v it, decrease fear of the unknown and also prepare you because that the ride. POVs and off-ride videos space a an excellent way to carry out this. Making sure you recognize it inside out will assist you feel an ext comfortable through the ride and reduce her nerves the an initial time friend ride it.


Another point you have the right to do transparent this procedure and in ~ the moment of actually riding a roller coaster for the very first time is come surround you yourself with people who have the right to support you. Having friends or family members with you have the right to be really reassuring and also can aid you feel much less nervous or worried around facing your fear. It’s additionally useful if they have actually been top top the ride prior to as you deserve to ask them concerns or their opinion that the ride. Make certain you allow them know that you’re afraid of roller coasters and explain to them the the an initial ride might be a difficult experience for you. Maybe also get a team of friends together that you recognize are additionally scared of coasters and go challenge the rides together a group. Supportive friends and family will be there because that you to calm her nerves and help you get over your fear - and also they will be yes, really proud that you when you execute it!



What around once you’ve excellent the very first ride? after ~ riding a coaster for the first time the key is to keep going! also if you keep riding the exact same ride because that a while, the an ext you ride them the less scary they will certainly become. Repeat is the method to get rid of fear fully and discover to love talk roller coasters. As soon as you have ridden one ride sufficient times to feeling comfortable with it, we indicate moving on to a new ride and trying a new coaster. Keep doing this until you’ve functioned your means up come the large rides! If girlfriend ride sufficient times your fear will revolve to enjoyment and you’ll learn to trust roller coasters an ext and more.

Hopefully this has offered you some starting points for methods to overcome your are afraid of roller coasters. Above all, remember the you can carry out it!

Good Luck!

- Zoe

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The Coaster Bot fear Toolbox

Here in ~ Coaster Bot we really want to help people get rid of their are afraid of roller coasters. That’s why we have developed so much content based on this topic! below you’ll discover a repertoire of the contents we’ve make in the past which might act as a device for friend to usage when facing your fear.