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Subungual hematomas result from a straight injury to the blood ship under the fingernail or toenail.The pressure produced by this collection of blood under the nail causes intense pain.Subungual hematoma is a common type of fingertip injury.

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Subungual hematomas many commonly type after a like injury to the pointer of the finger or toe.This injury can take place in numerous ways:Hitting her finger with a hammerDropping a heavy object on her toeClosing your finger in a door

Blood under a fingernail or toenail is a subungual hematoma.You will have a discoloration the red, maroon, blue-black, or various other dark color beneath the pond after one injury.The most common symptom is intense pain.Pressure generated in between the nail and also the nail bed, wherein the blood collects, reasons this pain.

If the pains is mild and also the hematoma (blood collection) is much less than 25% the the area under the nail, climate home treatment can be considered.

If the hematoma is 50% or an ext of the underlying nail area, then medical attention is required.

If the injury that causes the subungual hematoma is severe enough to reason intense pain and also tenderness, seek medical attention. The system of injury for this condition can reason a fracture come the bone at the end of the finger (distal phalanx fracture) or toes or a laceration come the pond bed under the pond that might require additional medical attention or nail removal.

X-rayA health treatment professional may take an X-ray to look for a fracture (break) to the underlying bone.Nail bed evaluationDepending ~ above the form of injury and also the degree of the injury and how much blood creates under the nail, the doctor may decide to remove the nail to inspect the pond bed for lacerations (cuts). If it used to be customary to have the nail gotten rid of to study the pond bed for lacerations or injuries, this is no longer routine practice if the nail edges or margins space intact.
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If the hematoma involves an ext than 50% of the area of the nail, seek medical attention.If the nail was removed by the injury and the pond bed wasn't cut, the following home therapy is recommended till the pond bed starts to be less sensitive, generally in seven to 10 days.Twice day-to-day soaks through antibacterial soap and also water because that 10-15 minutesAfter soaks, use over-the-counter antibiotic ointment and a dry, sterile bandage (Band-Aid).

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There room several approaches to drain the blood in ~ the nail. Pond trephination or releasing the hematoma are various other names for this procedure.No single technique is preferred.How her hematoma is drained counts on the experience of the doctor and where it is done.Occasionally, a medical professional will numb the finger or toe with a digital block . (Your fingers and also toes are referred to as digits.) Some doctors (health treatment professionals) opt no to numb increase the digits as the injection chin can reason as lot if not an ext pain 보다 the really drainage that the hematoma.A medical expert will inject numbing medicine such together lidocaine is injected in ~ the bottom of your finger or toe.Injecting the medication below numbs the whole digit.As soon as your finger or toe is numb, the procedure can take place.The complying with are frequently used treatment choices for draining her hematoma (nail trephination):Needle: A large diameter needle (such together an 18-guage needle) is supplied to drill or bore into the nail to create a hole to allow the blood to drain out.