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Benefits: If you very own a dishwasher, friend likely already have a bucket of this on hand.

How the Works: grab a dishwasher tab from your container and rinse her dirty pan with warm water. Then, begin to gently scrub the pan under heat water through the dishwasher tab. Scrub until all the food debris lifts, and then to wash with warmth water.

What Happened: we couldn’t think how fine this an approach worked! In less than 5 minutes we had actually a perfectly clean pan that forced no follow-up scrubbing with alternative methods. We used complete Powerball Deep Clean Tabs and also found that worked best to leave the plastic coating on the tabs when scrubbing. The warmth water will slowly dissolve the tab together you scrub and help the tablet computer keep that is shape rather than crumble automatically between her fingers. The just downside to this method is that us did use two whole dishwasher tablets to clean one nasty pan. Therefore, this technique could gain pricey. However, it’s for this reason effective, us feel the is well worth the expense.

Psst! you can also use dishwasher tablet computers to clean your oven.

Rating: 5/5

Summary that Results

While every one of these approaches are reliable at scrubbing away the nasties on your skillets, the dishwasher tablets were the undeniable winner in our opinion. While we can’t vouch for other brands the dishwasher tablets, we mean they would certainly be equally reliable in lifting grease and burnt-on food.

While the dishwasher tablet was our favourite standalone method, us think the others room all great options—especially Bar keepers Friend and also aluminum foil + baking soda—to usage if you’re OK taking a little extra time to acquire the project done or space willing to use some extra elbow grease.

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