The perimeter of a pentagon is the sum of every its sides. A pentagon is a polygon with five sides, 5 vertices, and also five interior angles that include up to 540°. Pentagons have the right to be constant or irregular depending on the size of the sides. Let united state study an ext about the perimeter the pentagon in this article.

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1.What is the Perimeter of a Pentagon?
2.Perimeter that Pentagon Formula
3.Perimeter the Pentagon with Radius
4.FAQs ~ above Perimeter of Pentagon

The perimeter the a pentagon is the complete measure the its boundary and it is calculation by including the size of every its sides. Since a pentagon is a five-sided polygon all the 5 sides can be included to uncover its perimeter. The perimeter the a pentagon is express in straight units prefer inches, yards, centimeters, and so on.

Regular and also Irregular Pentagon

A continual pentagon is a pentagon in which all five sides are of equal length and all the interior angles are of equal measure. An rarely often, rarely pentagon is one in i beg your pardon the sides room not equal and the angles are not of same measure.

Properties the a consistent Pentagon

The indigenous 'pentagon' is obtained from the Greek indigenous 'Penta' which means 'five', and also 'gon' which way 'angle'. There space some an easy properties that help us to recognize a pentagon. Observe the following regular pentagon to relate to its properties offered below.


We deserve to identify and distinguish a consistent pentagon v the help of the complying with properties:

Pentagon is a polygon with 5 sides.It has actually 5 diagonals.The sum of all the internal angles the a pentagon is 540°Each exterior edge of a regular pentagon is 72°

Now, let united state read around the formulas that are offered to uncover the perimeter the a pentagon. The formulas different according come the recognized dimensions.

Perimeter that Pentagon Formula

We recognize that the perimeter the a pentagon is the amount of the lengths of all its sides. Now, if that is a regular pentagon, it means all five sides are of same length. Permit us take into consideration a continual pentagon of side length 'a'. In this case, the perimeter have the right to be calculated with the assist of the formula, Perimeter = a + a + a + a + a, i beg your pardon is 5a. Therefore, the an easy formula because that the perimeter that a continuous pentagon is offered below.

Perimeter that pentagon = amount of every its sides

Example 1: Find the perimeter of a consistent pentagon that has a side size of 7 units.


The side size (a) that the offered pentagon = 7 units.

Using the perimeter of pentagon formula, Perimeter = 5a = 5 × 7 = 35 units.

Example 2: Find the perimeter that a pentagon in i beg your pardon the size of the sides space 5 units, 4 units, 7 units, 3 units, and 6 units.


In stimulate to find the perimeter that the rarely often, rarely pentagon, we will include all the five sides, perimeter = 5 + 4 + 7 + 3 + 6 = 25 units.

Therefore, the perimeter that the pentagon is 25 units.

Perimeter that Pentagon through Radius

The perimeter the a pentagon deserve to be calculation if the radius the the pentagon is given. This is the instance when a pentagon is enrolled in a circle as displayed below. In together cases, the radius is the line drawn from the facility of the polygon to among its vertices. The is also referred to together the circumradius. The perimeter of this pentagon have the right to be calculated when the side size is known with the aid of the formula: Side length = 2r × Sin(180/n), whereby 'r' is the radius and also 'n' to represent the number of sides. After gaining the side length, the perimeter can be easily calculated v the formula, Perimeter = 5a.


Example: find the perimeter the a consistent pentagon inscribed in a circle with a radius that 5 units.

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Solution: Given, radius = 5 units, number of sides = 5

Let us an initial calculate the side size of the pentagon v the aid of the formula: Side length = 2r × Sin(180/n)

Substituting the given values in the formula: Side length = 2 × 5 × Sin(180/5) = 10 × Sin(180/5) = 10 × Sin 36 = 10 × 0.58779 = 5.8 units. After this, the perimeter that the regular pentagon can be calculated utilizing the formula, Perimeter = 5a = 5 × 5.8 = 29 units.