You can"t. You have to trade it to Pokemon Diamond, Pearl,Platinum, black or White.

The factor for this is the to evolve Magneton, you require tolevel it increase at mount Coronet. You cannot obtain to mountain Coronet inSoulSilver or HeartGold since it is in Sinnoh and also SoulSilver andHeartGold are collection in Johto and also Kanto.

Although Pokemon Black and White are set in Unova, you can stillevolve Mageton by leveling that up at Chargestone cave.

I would certainly not advise evolving Magneton in the Black/White methodbecause once you transfer it to black color or White you cannot transferit back. Usage the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum technique if you desire aMagnezone (the evolved form of Magneton) in SoulSilver or HeartGoldand add it to your pokedex.

You could constantly trade for Magnezone. You encounter one inJasmine"s team once you fight the re-match.

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