CAUTION: Fuel and also its vapors are exceptionally flammable and also explosive. Always handle fuel with too much care.

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If friend mow your very own lawn, climate you’re absolutely familiar v gasoline. However did you know that if you leave this flammable fluid in her engine because that too long or save it improperly, it can lead down to the breakdown of her lawn mower?

Perhaps this is miscellaneous you never ever considered. Possibly you didn’t also know that there space instances wherein you need to drainpipe the fuel the end of her lawn mower. Or maybe you know that it needs to be done, however you don’t know just how to perform it.

If this defines you, then you absolutely need to read this entirety article.

We will comment on why you need to drain the fuel tank and explain why it must be done.

To wrap it up, we will describe the different methods you have the right to use to drainpipe the gasoline from the engines of various kinds the lawn mowers.

So, whether you room doing this for the very an initial time or merely need a refresher food to hone your skills, whatever you discover here will certainly teach you what to do once the time pertains to empty the tank.


Draining Gas there is no a Siphon

How execute you drainpipe gas from an engine without using a siphon? There room a couple of different means to execute that.

Start her Engines

The one that calls for the the very least effort, however takes the longest, is just running the engine until it is out of fuel. Just make sure you include the fuel stabilizer before you crank it up. That way, any kind of liquid left in the engine will have actually been treated and won’t break down over the winter months.

The Lucky couple of With Fuel Lines connected Directly to Carburetors

If you space fortunate, you could have a mower through a fuel line the connects straight to the carburetor and is easy to reach.

If you have actually a lawn mower choose this, grab a container because that the fuel and disconnect the fuel heat from the carburetor. This will permit the fuel to flow from the tank v the line and also into the receptacle.

Once the tank is fully emptied, connect the fuel line back to the carburetor.

That’s it. Don’t forget to check the air and also oil filters in addition to the oil level.

Turkey Baster Method

Imagine this worst-case scenario: friend can’t operation the motor at all since the fuel has actually gone bad, girlfriend don’t have actually a siphon pump or any clear tubing, and you can’t gain to the fuel heat to drainpipe the tank.

What can you do?

It might sound silly, yet venture into the kitchen and also grab a turkey baster.

Yes, a turkey baster.

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Put the baster right into the tank and squeeze the baster’s pear for suction. The baster will certainly fill up with liquid, i beg your pardon you can then put it into a ideal receptacle.

This might take a tiny time and feel a little odd, but it is an reliable tool for draining gasoline. Just make certain you don’t placed the baster earlier into the kitchen drawer once you room done!