Hello, this indict is expected for everyone looking to obtain into parkour/freefrunning or who simply want to learn just how to flip. I wouldn"t speak to myself an "expert" in the field yet I feeling my endure in teaching myself and others will certainly suffice.


Picking a an excellent practice location is just one of the much more important steps in discovering to prior flip. A great practice location have the right to lead to better, and also sometimes quicker, outcomes if picked correctly. Some elements of a an excellent location include a safe setting to land with tiny to no distractions present. Locations like a regional gymnastics center, mulch pit, and soft grass area are prime targets.

If girlfriend live close to a regional gymnastics center, girlfriend can inspect to view if they have an open gym period. This is not just the safest alternative but also the best. Most gyms have actually a foam pit to jump into and multiple carpet to practice landing on. A gym also offers good progression because you have the right to start the end practicing in the foam pit, relocate on come the mats, then at some point practice ~ above a cushioned carpet surface.

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A mulch pit, though sometimes tough to come by, would be the next best option. Ns learned come front flip in this setting first, ultimately moving ~ above a little hill covered in thick, soft grass. No unlike a gymnastics center, a mulch pit can take many of the are afraid away as soon as attempting a front flip. Because you feel a feeling of safety learning that your landing will be soft and also painless.

An outdoors volleyball court that is covered in sand is also a prime location if a mulch pit is no available. You can quickly move the sand into a heap about fifty percent a foot deep to carry out extra comfort while landing.

If the other three options are no available, then a an easy grass or playground area is the next ideal thing. Try to find a little hill or ledge to allow for an ext time in the air as soon as flipping. Periodically playgrounds room covered in rubber pieces or mulch which is terrific area to practice. Simply remember playgrounds are meant for little children so make certain to it is in respectful. If you arrangement on utilizing a playground it"s finest to go later at night when all the youngsters are home.

Note: you can always just use an old mattress or foam come land on instead of the over locations. However, from by an individual experience, those items don"t yes, really offer more "protection" contrasted to simply grass and also can be a hassle to relocate around.


Compared to a earlier flip, a prior flip calls for more technique but is less complicated to overcome mentally. While there are countless techniques easily accessible to pick from, ns will describe the ones ns am acquainted with that have actually helped myself and also multiple friends find out to flip.

Technique 1:

To start, you desire to offer yourself a tiny running start. Note a ar on the ground where you want to jump from, climate take four, over average, procedures back. As soon as running in the direction of the mark you made, you desire to take three running steps and be jumping with both feet ~ above the 4th step.

When you jump you carry out NOT want to placed a most pressure into the ground. A good way to think about it is to pretend the floor you space jumping ~ above is made of vulnerable glass. You desire to jump but you don"t want to put tremendous quantities of force into the ground come jump and end up breaking the glass.

When you jump, you need to jump UP not forward. This is since you already have momentum moving forward indigenous the running start. So every you need to do is jump UP.

Hand location can aid significantly as well. Top top your third step, the one right prior to your jump, you desire to bring your hand in the air and also put lock in a position as if you are about to litter a basketball over your head. Once you"ve jumped UP right into the waiting you want to tuck as hard as friend can. Bring your head to her chest, pull down with your arms, and tuck v your core, every at the exact same time. When your upper body is tucking, you desire to bend her legs so that your head can fit between them. You want to grab your knees once tucking and also hold your tucked place while your flip.

Landing is maybe the most complicated part of front flipping. When spinning, as shortly as you see the horizon, wherein the soil meets the sky, you need to untuck yet keep your legs contempt bent. Having actually your legs bent will enable for one easier and safer landing.

Technique 2:

This method is the same as the first except for hand placement. Over there is no better technique, it every comes under to preference.

Instead the bringing your hands right into the air prior to your jump, you want to keep your hand down till the jump. As you are jumping you want to pump her hands UP into the air. As quickly as you reach peak height you desire to tuck hard just like technique one.

I will explain some problem shooting and tips in the following step.

Your an initial attempts aren"t going to it is in pretty by any type of means. The great thing is you"ll more than likely run into the same troubles that many others have.

One typical mistake that world like to do is come look left or ideal while flipping. This might seem like a good idea because you"ll be able to see everything while flipping, however it wont assist you with your former flip. In fact, the will more than likely make it worse. Always try to tuck your head straight right into your chest, never ever looking in the direction of the side.

Another mistake people like to make is tucking to early. Clear you desire to tuck at the maximum height, but how do you know what elevation that is? The best means to know is to just practice jumping up in the wait to gain a feel and also to much better your air awareness. As soon as you have actually a great gauge top top what that feels favor to reach your apex when jumping straight up, you can change that emotion to aid you flip greater off the ground.

Here room some advice on landing.

You"ll more than likely start landing on your bum or in a squatting position. That"s great, you"re on your method to landing a front flip. If you uncover that you"re landing on her bum, shot either jumping greater or tucking faster. Due to the fact that landing on her bum probably method your one of two people tucking come early, no jumping high enough, or you"re tucking to slow. Experiment about to check out what transforms your results.

I discovered that the best way to exercise is to have your friends critique you. If girlfriend don"t have actually friends...well...you can always record your front upper and lower reversal attempts and also play them ago in slow motion to visually check out what is going on. I discover watching videos that myself flipping with the air very helpful because it provides a different perspective on what I"m trying to accomplish.

It"s much better if your friends currently know exactly how to upper and lower reversal if they room going to critique you, but it"s it s okay if they don"t. You can always tell the human being who is observing you what you"re trying to accomplish, say tucking at her max height, and have them define their monitorings to you. This is not just a good way come practice however to construct a strong, ever-lasting friendship together well.

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Once girlfriend feel that you can successfully front upper and lower reversal in your practice location, you can step up her game and move to a more challenging area. To speak you learned on grass with a little slope. You can try finding places with ledges that drop off into grass and also flip off of those. Also though friend can"t acquire a running start, your will have an ext air time come flip and also land correctly.

The possibilities in parkour and also freerunning are limitless once you"ve mastered the simple front flip. The pictures over show variations of the front flip. The first is a side flip and also the 2nd is a corckscrew. Both were achieved after learning how to front flip. Great Luck!