Prerequisite: Elevator extension with a cradle dismount. The basic basket toss is not a difficult skill, yet it is one the involves far-ranging risk if not performed properly. Together with any kind of cheerleading gymnastics, companion stunts such together this one should only be exercised under the supervision the a knowledgeable adult.

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Bases:– store your feet about shoulder’s width apart.– was standing close come the various other base.– save your back upright to throw with your shoulders and legs.– continue to be low to do it less complicated for the flyer to fill in.– notification the basket toss grip prove below– If a front base is used, they must be in a place to assistance under the basket. When the toss is executed, they action away from the stunt.

Flyer:– stand close to your bases– location your hands on your shoulders– Jump and use her arms come load right into the basket


Landing in the Basket

Bases– monitor the time of the flyer together she lands in the basket. Proceed this timing together you dip.– This dip must be smooth and also your hands should go listed below your knees for a great toss.– Explode with the legs and also lift with the shoulders come initiate the toss and build momentum.

Flyer– as your feet floor in the basket, girlfriend should have your toe in the center of the basket and also your heels turn off of the back. This help to minimization the opportunity of slipping turn off of the front together you lift increase on her toes.– her weight need to be in your arms and also you need to barely touch the basket through your feet.– as the bases dip, do not let your hips sink listed below your knees. This is the reason for many basket tosses that take trip backward.

ScoopThe human being behind the basic is designated as the ‘scoop’. If they help with the toss, their main responsibility is come spot the flyer and protect her head and shoulder area throughout the cradle catch.

– friend may aid the flyer right into the basket, yet do not ‘lift’ her also high. She should have the ability to get in the basket by herself.– as soon as the flyer is about to place her feet on the basket, her hands should go under the basket come provide better support and also lift.– following the flyer’s timing, throw with the other bases.– Be careful to throw right up. Execute not pull the basket back towards you as you throw.– your arms need to remain in the wait to catch the flyer as high as possible.


The TakeoffBases– proceed the explosion created at the bottom that the toss.– Follow through with your arms and also release with a ‘flick’ at the top.– an alert in the photo listed below that the bases space lifting transparent the body, consisting of the toes.Once you release, store your arms up for the cradle.

Flyer– background up through your shoulders and also arms to ‘pull’ you yourself off that the basket.– execute not try to press down too tough with your legs. This will stop the bases’ momentum.– stay in this place until you feel the height of your height, then pike right into a cradle place in a managed manner– execute not throw her head and shoulders backward right into the cradle position. This will reason you to over rotate.

Once you have actually practiced right tosses without any kind of additional an abilities (called ‘timers’), you have the right to attempt a toe touch. The skill need to be performed in ~ the an extremely top that the toss. The is necessary to carry out timers till they are perfect. If her timers are low or move off-center, including any an abilities will only increase the risk of injury come the flyer and also the bases.


The CatchBases– note in the photo above that the bases’ arms are extended up for the cradle catch. The bases must record high to absorb the landing that the top person safely.– Be sure to stand close together and also keep your back uprightas you record the flyer.– capture with one arm under the flyer’s lower ago and the various other arm under the thighs.– resist the flyer’s weight together she lands and use your legs toprovide an ext cushion.

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Flyer– land in a solid open pike position with sharp toes.– perform not allow yourself to ‘fold’ right into a full pike.– capture the bases approximately their shoulders for included safety.– carry out not capture on the lower backs! This may seem much more comfortable, however it gives no extr safety!

Scoop– The scoop should additionally catch high and also use your legs to sluggish the flyer, as with a conventional cradle.– catch under the shoulders the the flyer through the center of her forearm.– If you catch with your elbows under the shoulders the the flyer, you threat injuring the flyer by being also close.

That’s it! Make certain you have the lead-up an abilities of an elevator expansion with a cradle dismount, then take her time come perfect each step along the way. Great luck