MeetMe Account Deletion

MeetMe is a communication that lets you find new people who want to share their interests and also chat through you and also live in her neighborhood. MeetMe account deletion is an extremely easy both with the site and also through the app.

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Closing a MeetMe Account v the Application

Open the Meetme app and also click “me” in the bottom right corner

At the bottom that the options that come up, click on “settings” and also go come settings and click on “Delete Account“.

Delete Account? If girlfriend delete your account, every MeetMe photos, posts, and also friendships space permanently deleted. Space you sure you desire to execute this?

We get in the e-mail deal with and password we used to sign up for the Meetme application and also click the “Delete Account” button

We show the reason for deletion and our account is deleted.

Cancellation of MeetMe member via Website

Once logged in, click the link.

– on the display screen that opens, click “Delete Account“.

– After analysis the information, click “Yes“.

– “Please go into your email address and password, then permanently eliminate your account by pushing the Delete Account button”.

– After click the Delete Account button, us specify the factor for deleting our Meetme account and also click the “Submit” button.

Our meetme account has actually been turned off …

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