iFunny is an online Entertainment Portal that enables users to upload giddy gifs for world to have a great laugh. Individuals who upload the funniest post get featured together well. If you space no much longer using iFunny early to an individual reasons and want come delete your account, then us will aid accordingly.

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With the aid of our step by action guide, you will be able to know just how to delete iFunny account easily.


How come Delete iFunny Account action by step Guide?

Follow the steps down listed below to acquire started.

Log in to your account.Navigate your way to profile.Go to the Account settings & Privacy.Tap ~ above Account to uncover the deactivation option.You will certainly be asked to enter your Password.Then click on deactivate to check your choice.



How come Cancel iFunny Account with Email?

The complying with list of measures will straight you on how to cancel Ifunny through email.

Sign in come your email account.Write ‘Request come Delete Account’ in the topic line.Compose a structured email to address, why do you desire to delete her account.Ask customer company to remove your personal information from your database in addition to your account.



Send the email out in ~ support




For your assistance, we have made one easy-to-follow step-by-step overview that will aid you delete her iFunny account easily. For much better understanding, we have detailed all that the relevant information related come the process above. In case of inquiry feel totally free to comment under below.


About Company

iFunny was made by Russian agency Okrujnost in 2011 and also currently, that is operation by David Chef. It consists of a arsenal of Gifs, Videos and also memes. It permits users to bond end funny contents in the comment section and also make their very own collection together well.

iFunny is composed of 10 million customers at the moment and it ranked in ~ 62nd place of Entertainment category in Apple’s app Store.



1. Exactly how to delete iFunny account?

In the account settings, locate the deactivation option and also tap on it to close her account.

2. Exactly how much go iFunny cost?

It is a totally free of charge app that is known as the many popular application for entertainment.

3. What iFunny is no working?

If the website is under or the application is malfunctioning, climate either it demands to it is in updated or could be going through maintenance.

4. Just how to contact customer business of iFunny?

You can call customer care at support

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5. Whereby is iFunny headquarter located?

It to be made through a Russian developer but it is located in LA, California.