Many the citizens who freshly jailbroke your iPhones space having troubles withCydia crashing when opened it. Over there is a speedy and also infected fix requirements to one SSH right into your iphone phone or use iPhone browser and also erase a few files.

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It shows up that the problem is source by some dishonored repositories that construct Cydia crash surrounding by the first few second of fill it. Fortunately, this article will analysis the cases and also solutions on exactly how to resolve Cydia won"t open up iOS 15 after ~ jailbreak in iPhone.

Case 1: Cydia keeps crashing

It is common to see Cydia Crashing 9.3.3 after ~ the jailbreak process. If over there is an error message saying "x HTTP/1.1 500 inner Server Error", the usually means your installation is incomplete. Something go wrong throughout the installation.

Erstwhile this can be web worry when trying come download indigenous cydia . This might be addressed by checking kind internet connection during download or when running cydia.

Cydia crashes on startup

How to resolve Cydia Crashes on Startup

If her Cydia will continue to crash also if you shot to restart your an equipment and girlfriend are certain to have actually a decent web connection, the only solution can be come rejailbreak her device. Maybe you could re-jailbreak her iDevice and reinstall Cydia, v other an excellent jailbreaking by complying with a finish step.

Case 2: Cydia no Loading

It is usual to see Cydia crashing top top startup and also is not loading through the info “Unable to pack (the web connection shows up to be offline)”.

Cydia won"t open

How to deal with Cydia Won"t Open

Check your net connection and see if it is functioning properly. In couple of cases, Cydia is not qualified to pack if you room attached to the net using mobile data since the connection is as well slow. An additional achievable cause for this difficulty is the time and date setups in her iDevice.

Case 3: Cydia is Crashing upon Load

If Cydia is crashing ~ above load, girlfriend can try these procedures to solve it. These steps need iFile installed, ssh installed, mobile terminal installed, or an discovering of just how to obtain at the record system v iphonebrowser or such. Those topics space not covered below (look for an additional guide for just how to get to the record system elsewhere such together the ssh guide here). This guide should completely be provided if cydia fails upon load. That is no to solve any other problem.

How to resolve Cydia Crashes Uppon Load

To deal with this Cydia crashes when opened issue, you need ifunbox or iTools on your computer then connect your maker to your computer with usb, now locate and delete the complying with two files:

1. /etc/apt/sources.list.d/cydia.list

2. /var/lib/cydia/metadata.plist

Cydia Crashing top top Load

3. Remove anything in these over folders. 4. Leave the listed below folder, simply make sure it is empty:

/var/lib/dpkg/updates/ that must fix the problem.

Case 4: Cydia Won"t open on iPhone

Cydia not working or cannot open Cydia on iphone at all? Sometimes, Cydia won"t load, won"t work, or won"t have the ability to open in ~ all even you try to reboot her iDevice. This is decidedly discouraging particularly when that keeps backing the end every time friend tap ~ above the brown Cydia logo design and try to beginning it.

Cydia won"t open

How to solve Cydia no Opening on iPhone

One reason this could be occurred is there room too countless connections come Cydia server once you try to download it. You may not be qualified to download Cydia completely although the display displays friend it is fully done. This is due to the fact that the server obtains huge traffic and nobody deserve to load Cydia or any type of other packages as soon as the server is down. What you deserve to do is to re-install Cydia itself by one SSH regimen or organize for a pair hours until the server is up. You deserve to forever download the existing Cydia deb paper and download the recent edition on her iDevices.

Case 5: Cydia is not Loading the package You simply Downloaded

If cydia is no loading the package you have actually just download or you have actually just downloaded part packages and installed a couple of tweaks native Cydia however you can’t find them under Cydia -> manage -> Packages -> installed Tweaks. There are no icons come the end at her home screen too.

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Cydia not loading package

How to deal with Cydia not Loading package Issue

First that all, carry out not panic. Things can be much easier than friend think. Try to reboot or respring your machine and find if the packages come the end in the set up Tweaks. If it doesn"t work, inspect and also look how plenty of Cydia resources you have actually in your iDevice. Cydia can"t screen all packages if you have actually too countless sources conserved in your device. Shot to take out few of the fresh Cydia sources and also reload the perform of tweaks installed. It is walking to job-related for sure.

Ultimate solution to settle Cydia no Working: regain from Jailbreak through Cydia Alternative