Online calculator to transform pounds every square customs to millimeters of mercury (psi to mmHg) with formulas, examples, and also tables. Our conversions provide a quick and also easy means to convert between Pressure units.

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Conversion Calculator

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How to transform psi to mmHg: go into a worth in the psi field and also click top top the "Calculate mmHg" button. Your answer will appear in the mmHg field.

Conversion Definitions

The following is a perform of interpretations relating to conversions in between psi and mmHg.

What is pounds per square inch (psi)?

Pounds per square inch (or pound-force every square inch) is a non-SI unit that Pressure. The symbol for pounds every square customs is psi or lbf/in2. There are 0.0193368 psi in a mmHg.

What is millimeters of mercury (mmHg)?

Millimeters that mercury is a non-SI unit the Pressure. The symbol because that millimeters of mercury is mmHg. There are 51.71493256 mmHg in a psi.

Conversion Formula

Let"s take it a closer look at the conversion formula so that you have the right to do this conversions yourself v a calculator or with an old-fashioned pencil and also paper.

The formula to convert from psi to mmHg is:

mmHg = psi x 51.71493256

Conversion Example

Next, let"s look at at an instance showing the work and calculations that are associated in converting from pounds every square customs to millimeters of mercury (psi to mmHg).

Psi to mmHg counter Example

Task: convert 8 psi to mmHg (show work)Formula:psi x 51.71493256 = mmHgCalculations:8 psi x 51.71493256 = 413.7195 mmHgResult:8 psi is same to 413.7195 mmHg
For rapid reference purposes, listed below is a conversion table that you deserve to use to transform from psi come mmHg.

Psi to mmHg counter Chart

pounds every square customs (psi)millimeters that mercury (mmHg)
1 psi51.7149 mmHg
2 psi103.4299 mmHg
3 psi155.1448 mmHg
4 psi206.8597 mmHg
5 psi258.5747 mmHg
6 psi310.2896 mmHg
7 psi362.0045 mmHg
8 psi413.7195 mmHg
9 psi465.4344 mmHg
10 psi517.1493 mmHg
20 psi1,034.2987 mmHg
30 psi1,551.448 mmHg
40 psi2,068.5973 mmHg
50 psi2,585.7466 mmHg
75 psi3,878.6199 mmHg
100 psi5,171.4933 mmHg
250 psi12,928.7331 mmHg
500 psi25,857.4663 mmHg
750 psi38,786.1994 mmHg
1,000 psi51,714.9326 mmHg
2,500 psi129,287.3314 mmHg
5,000 psi258,574.6628 mmHg
7,500 psi387,861.9942 mmHg
10,000 psi517,149.3256 mmHg
25,000 psi1,292,873.314 mmHg
50,000 psi2,585,746.628 mmHg
75,000 psi3,878,619.942 mmHg
100,000 psi5,171,493.256 mmHg
250,000 psi12,928,733.14 mmHg

This table provides a an overview of the pressure units in ~ their respective measurement systems.

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UnitSymbolMeasurement SystemDescription
pascalPaInternational system of systems (SI)base unit
kilopascalkPaInternational device of systems (SI)1 kPa = 1,000 Pa
megapascalMPaInternational system of units (SI)1 MPa = 1,000,000 Pa
atmosphereatmNon-SI (International)1 atm = 101,325 Pa
pounds every square inchpsi or lbf/in2Non-SI (International)1 psi = 6,894.757 Pa
millimeters of mercurymmHgNon-SI (International)1 mmHg = 133.3224 Pa
barbarNon-SI (International)1 bar = 100,000 Pa
torrTorrNon-SI (International)1 Torr = 133.3224 Pa

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From--Please select--AtmosphereBarKilopascalMegapascalMillimeters of mercuryPascalPounds per square inchTorr
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