Keeping your gas weed eater in great working condition means doing constant weed eater maintenance. Even if it is you have actually a cheap weed wacker that you simply use on weekends or the finest commercial weed eater for her landscaping business, this is miscellaneous that demands to be excellent regularly. Below are a few of the necessary weed eater maintenance work that you have to schedule.

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Fuel Filter


Your air filter must be replaced or cleaned every 5 hours of use. For combustion to take ar your weed eater motor no only requirements fuel, it likewise needs oxygen. Her air filter clears all the dust native the wait so that none that this end up in her air / fuel mixture.

It’s not a bad idea to replace the air filter every now and also again but normally just a great clean will do. Unscrew the cover end the waiting filter, remove the filter and also rinse the clean in some warm water.

Leave the sponge out in the sunlight to dried out totally and then, as soon as it’s dry, use a little oil come the filter. Usage a slim oil like a 3-in-1, no motor oil. Simply drop a few drops ~ above it and also then squeeze out the filter to job-related it through the filter. This will help the filter catch some that the finer dust particles it might otherwise have let through.

Your weed eater spark plug must be replaced every year or every 25 hrs of use. You may need a spark plug wrench to eliminate it. Spark plugs space pretty cheap so even if it looks reasonably ok when you remove it, rather just replace it. It’s crucial to make sure that you replace it with the spark plug shown in your user manual.

When inserting the replacement spark plug make revolve it in v your fingers, not the wrench. You want to be sure not to cross thread it as it goes in and doing this by hand provides you a much better feel come make certain you’re doing it right. As soon as you’ve obtained it in finger tight use the wrench come tighten it up. Be careful not to over tighten it.

Spark Arrestor

Your spark arrestor is discovered inside your muffler and also will need some clean or instead of from time to time. This is specifically the case with 2-cycle weed eaters. Take it out and also check it for carbon deposits. If it’s yes, really dirty it may be an indication that you’re either using poor quality oil or the you’ve acquired too lot oil in your oil/ fuel mixture. Clean the off and then replace it. If her spark arrestor is make of fibre glass then you"ll need to replace it together these can"t be cleaned.

Weed Eater Storage

At the end of the season you should degrease your weed eater. Use an aerosol degreaser and also spray the dirty and oily areas. Let it was standing for a couple of minutes and also then wipe the clean. Give it a bit of a rinse and also make sure that that dry prior to storing it.

Before doing any of the maintenance it’s a an excellent idea to make sure that the power switch is turn off and also that the spark plug boots is removed. Weed eaters can be tough to start however you don’t desire it beginning by accident if you’re busy functioning on it.

Don’t wait till your weed eater offers you trouble prior to thinking around maintenance. Consistent maintenance will conserve you from having actually to repair her weed eater carburetor i beg your pardon is a pretty large job.

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Even if you buy the finest cordless string trimmer you"ll still need to keep it. If you perform these simple jobs consistently then her weed eater will begin up a lot of easier and also it will last a lot longer before needing to it is in replaced.