One of the worst stains a concrete driveway can obtain is indigenous dripping antifreeze. This is a fluid often used in a car’s radiator to keep it from freezing. There room times as soon as it drips over the driveway, leaving a stain that deserve to be difficult, but not impossible, come remove. If girlfriend can’t stand this eyesore anymore, right here are some tips on exactly how you can acquire it off of your garage floor or driveway.

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Hydrate the Area

Antifreeze is water-soluble. Through hydrating the area, the stain will certainly let walk of the concrete and dissolve in the water. Keep it wet and leave it to soak come soften the stain.

Add part Detergent

With the area quiet hydrated, include detergent. Make sure that the whole stain is covered. Sheathe the detergent-covered stain through a few pieces the newspaper. Wet the newspaper and leave that to dry for about three hours.

Scrub the Stained Area

Remove the newspaper indigenous the stained spot. Obtain a nylon-bristled brush and wet the in water. Scrub top top the detergent till it creates a paste. Store scrubbing the area until a frothy sud forms.

Rinse and Dry

Using a hose or a bucket the water, rinse the soapy area till there are no suds left. Lay part newspaper on it to absorb overfill water and speed up the dry process. Enable the area come air dry.

Check the Area

Once the area has actually dried, inspect it. Look at if there is part stain left or if any type of discoloration is visible. If not, friend have effectively removed the stain. If there is still some hint that antifreeze top top the driveway, repeat the process of clean it.

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Stubborn Antifreeze Stains

If the antifreeze stain ~ above the concrete driveway or garage floor is too vast and deep-seated the this cleaning procedure won’t work, take into consideration a concrete resurfacing or refinishing. You might opt because that a decorate concrete overlay come cover the totality surface completely. Or friend may additionally choose to just go v a decorative stain to mask turn off the stained area through color. Not only will you remove the visibility the the stain, you acquire to have actually your driveway enhanced, too. The is additionally strongly encourage to apply a concrete sealer ~ the resurfacing or refinishing process. This will help keep the surface safe from an additional antifreeze stain and also several various other damaging facets like oil, grease, abrasion, scratches, and also more.