The smith & Wesson model 36 is among the most iconic guns of the 20th century. The is popularly known as the “Chief"s Special” because it is typically issued to U.S. Police force members.

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First introduced in the 1950s, theSmith & Wesson version 36is still obtainable in the industry in different versions and also metal alloy frames. That is a J-frame revolver chambered for .38 special.

In this article, you"ll learn exactly how to appropriately disassemble, clean, lubricate, and also reassemble a blacksmith & Wesson model 36.

Pistol clean Essentials

A dependable revolver like the smith & Wesson version 36 deserves high-performance gun cleaning tools and also products to save it at its ideal performance v the years.

If it"s your first time clean a blacksmith & Wesson design 36, these essential pistol cleaning commodities will do your experience a breeze:

You can likewise select from Hoppe"s total cleaning kits that include the clean tools and also products above plus more.

Smith & Wesson design 36 cleaning Procedure

When cleaning this pistol and also every other firearm you have, the first step should always be a security check. Practicegun safety rulesat every times come avoid any untoward incidents.

Pre-Cleaning safety and security Check

Ensure the your blacksmith & Wesson model 36 is unloaded.

Keep her index finger away from the trigger.Point the pistol in a for sure direction and also open the cylinder. Physically and also visually inspect the cylinder if it"s loaded. Empty the cylinder if needed.Check because that obstructions in the gun"s barrel.Store ammunition far from the revolver in a safe and also secure ar away indigenous children"s reach.

Smith & Wesson model 36 Disassembly

To failure the blacksmith & Wesson design 36, take turn off the grips by remove the screw and then pull both the political parties off.

Remove the side plate. Keep the 3 screws in order since they go back in the exact same holes they came from.While girlfriend don"t need to take personally the pistol"s interior parts, you deserve to open it up to add some lubricant to any kind of moving parts.When you take it the next plate off, there will certainly be a floating part, your safety and security bar. Make certain to note just how it goes ago in place.If it"s your very first time disassembling a blacksmith & Wesson version 36, it can be advantageous to take pictures or a video of the disassembly on your phone so that it will be much easier to return the screws and other small parts in their appropriate places.

Smith & Wesson model 36 Cleaning

After disassembly, you can start clean the chambers.

Dip a 38-caliber phosphor copper brush in some Hoppe"s No. 9 Gun boring Cleaner. Placed the brush through each room at least once to ease up the carbon and powder buildup.When cleaning the chambers, remember where you started. You deserve to count out loud as you clean each chamber for this reason you have the right to keep monitor of your progress.Use a jag and also a cleaning patch wet in Hoppe"s No. 9 Gun boring Cleaner and also run it v each chamber.Run a dry patch v each chamber. Repeat this procedure until the last cleaning job comes the end clean.Put some Hoppe"s Lubricating Oil top top a patch and also run v each chamber together well.Repeat the same cleaning procedures done to the chambers to the gun barrel.Use some cotton gun cleaning swabs to clean the components that have powder buildup. Use some Hoppe"s Lubricating Oil on all moving parts.

Smith & Wesson version 36 Reassembly

Once you"ve completed cleaning the parts, you deserve to reassemble the next plate and also lubricate the important pistol components.

Put part Hoppe"s Lubricating Oil on part patches and start clean everything the pistol down.For hard-to-get areas, usage some noodle swabs or picks to aid get castle cleaned up.Drop some lubricating oil in high-friction areas or relocating parts.You have the right to reassemble the grip and clean increase the work area.

You need the ideal gun cleaning devices to completely clean and maintain a classic and also reliable gun, such together the blacksmith & Wesson model 36. It"s a timeless revolver the you deserve to pass on to the following generation with ideal cleaning, care, and also maintenance.

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