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April 21, 2008

You want to execute some good, difficult sorting. Not just sorting by the very first column, yet by perhaps the 3rd column. Maybe you want to sort an initial by state, climate by city, then by last name. Because that that, you require the Sort home window under Data > Sort.

You have your data. Pick all the data to sort, and either choose the headings or not. You"re good either way.

Choose Data > Sort.

Click the alternatives tab. You need to tell Calc whether you"ve obtained headings selected or not. If you"ve gained headings selected, you desire the alternative shown, "Range consists of Column Labels," to it is in selected. If friend didn"t, unmark it.

Now click the type Criteria tab. If friend selected headings you"ll view the headings themselves; if girlfriend didn"t then you"ll just see obelisk A, etc. Pick the pillar to kind by, and also Ascending or Descending.

Click OK.

You acquire your results. Here, the amounts under the pillar for the year 2000 space sorted in ascending order.

Now, let"s look in ~ a different set of data. You have actually a lot of people from the same state, and several urban per state. In this situation you could want to simply sort by critical name, however you could additionally group through location. Therefore you"d type by state (the broadest category), climate city, then alphabetically by critical name. Click the picture to see more detail.

Select the data, v or there is no headings, and choose Data > Sort. In the choices tab, be sure to select the selection Contains pillar Labels choice if girlfriend selected headings.

In the sort Criteria tab, select very first State, then City, then Last Name.

Click OK.

You gain your results. Here"s a closeup that one section, complied with by the complete data. Click either to watch them closeup.

This window that I"ve covered in this blog entrance is pretty lot what friend need. If you desire to go a small farther and sort by other else, choose days that the week in the order they come, no alphabetical order, tune in because that the following sorting blog.

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I recognize this has actually nothing to carry out with your post, but I am at a loss as to how to carry out a (seemingly) simple function in Calc. I have a pillar containing sequential days through the year, and also in the following column, in every 7 cells, ns would like to have a date range of the previous main listed. Go this make sense? (I've written & rewritten & rewritten AGAIN this question, and it still appears confusing.

For example:

Column A has descending days of the week listed:Sun = cabinet A1Mon = cabinet A2Tues = cell A3Wed = cabinet A4Thurs = cell A5Fri = cabinet A6Sat = cabinet A7(etc...)

......I hope this makes SOME kind of feeling to you, because I to be dumbfounded on just how this deserve to be completed without inputting our the day ranges as text throughout the whole year and also for every year to come.