If you organising an occasion that the mayor is attending, this guide outlines the etiquette to be observed.

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It gives you with simple details that allow you, your guests and also the mayor to relax and enjoy the occasion through minimum fuss and also formality.

Precedence – including where to seat the Mayor

The Local federal betterworld2016.orgernment Act 1972 states that the Mayor has actually precedence in the ar borough – other than when a member the the Royal household or the lord Lieutenant, as the Queen’s representative, room here.

The Mayor need to be sit on the instant right of the chairman or other human presiding end the event. The Mayoress need to be seated on the immediate right the the market or on the left of the chairman. This precedence need to not only be it was observed in seating, but likewise when welcoming guests and also making introductions.

The Deputy Mayor, when deputising because that the Mayor, have to be accorded the same precedence.

The Mayor, in ~ the county borough, takes precedence over federal betterworld2016.orgernment Ministers, Members of parliament (MPs) and also Assembly Members (AMs).

Inviting the Mayoress to events

The Mayoress, uneven specifically requested otherwise, have to be invited to all functions with the Mayor.

Addressing the market correctly

When you create to the Mayor, you should deal with the letter to ‘The Worshipful, the mayor of betterworld2016.org, Councillor (insert name).’

The letter have to start through ‘Dear mr Mayor’ and also end v ‘Yours sincerely’.

In person, the Mayor must be addressed as ‘Mr Mayor’ and the Mayoress as ‘Madam Mayoress.’

Attendance in ~ functions

The Mayor will arrive five minutes prior to the time requested. Please make sure the mayor is met by a senior representative of your organisation, and also escorted to their ideal position.

If the market is compelled to do a speech, elevator details must be provided. If the mayor is to respond to a toast or describe any details matter in his/her speech, you have to highlight this prior to the event.

If over there is a programme or itinerary, please carry out this at the very least two days prior to the event.

The Mayor and Mayoress should be recommend of any kind of dress password they need to adhere to for an engagement.

The Mayor will be attach by an attendant. Where possible, the Mayor will certainly arrive in ~ the main entrance come the venue, for this reason it would be helpful if a auto parking room could be reserved as close together possible.

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The Mayor’s attendant may leave the Mayor and return in the direction of the end of the function, or continue to be at the venue.

Mayoral appointment booking

If friend would choose to invite the market to an event you’re organising, please email mayoralty