Shad Gregory Moss was provided birth to in the year 1987 march 9th and is popularly well-known by his stage name Bow Wow i beg your pardon was previously “Lil Bow Wow”. Bow Wow has actually been affiliated with rapping, acting and also as a TV organize throughout his career.

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In his teenage, he released his debut album titled “Beware the Dog” and his second album “Doggy Bag was later released in the year 2001. His previous 2 albums to be released through the stage name “Lil Bow Wow”, when his 3rd album “Unleashed” to be released through the surname “Bow Wow”. The was later on signed to the record label “Bad boys Records” in the year 2015 September 27th. The document label is own by fellow well-known music artist Puff Daddy.

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In recent times, the musical artiste has likewise been affiliated with acting. The made his first debut movie figure in the 2002 movie “All around the Benjamin’s”. He later on took up the lead role in “Like Mike” because that the very first time.

He has due to the fact that then been affiliated in several various other movies, taking up lead functions in “Roll Bounce” and supporting role in the 2006 series of “The Fast and also the Furious: Tokyo Drift”. The has likewise appeared on various other TV series such together “Entourage” and is now working on his next album i beg your pardon he title “Underrated”.

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Bow Wow is one who believes a many in healthy and balanced living and this way he is definitely the form that make the efforts to keep a healthy workout program by hitting the gym. He however claims the his slim numbers are together a an outcome of his genes and he additionally loves eat potato chips and also burgers but tries not to eat too much of them. Bow Wow’s human body doesn’t show signs of bodybuilding but it additionally doesn’t have actually excess fat that might spoil his physique.

Bow Wow Facts

When Bow Wow released his third album unleashed, he removed the surname “lil” indigenous his phase nameProducer Jermaine Dupri assist in shaping Bow Wow’s career as the early out met as soon as Bow Wow was simply eleven years of ageBow Wow has had some legal concerns in the past and also one the them to be being ordered by the court come pay three thousand dollars for kid supportHe own the clothes line “Shago”

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Bow Wow Age and also Nationality

Birth Name

Shade Gregory Moss


Bow Wezzy, Bow Wizzle, Bow Wow

Date the birth

1987 march 9th



Place the Birth

Columbus, Ohio (United States)


United State the America

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How high is Bow Wow – Bow Wow Height, Weight, Age and Full human body Measurement

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