Duane Lee Chapman Jr. Is the kid of the renowned Dog the Bounty Hunter. His father is famous internationally for capturing criminals, i.e., he captured Andrew Luster in Mexibetterworld2016.org in 2003. After the capture, Duane Snr obtained a TV show, and Duane Jr join him in do the reality TV present a success. After ~ that, whatever ran smoothly till the critical season of the show, when he quit. Acquire all the juicy details the the betterworld2016.orgmplex Chapman family here.


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Early life

Duane Lee Chapman II is 48 year old in 2021, and also he to be born top top 21st January 1973 and also grew increase in Pampa, Texas, USA. His parents are La Fonda and Duane Lee Chapman Snr. They tied the knot in 1972 and also divorced in 1977 after Duane Chapman Snr saw jail for murder in the very first degree. His mother got full custody that him and his younger brother Leland Chapman.

Later on, the boys began being truant and also getting in trouble and also landed in foster care, after which their dad acquired custody of them.


Duane Lee Chapman II has actually quite a large family. However, no much has actually been released about his mother due to the fact that she and also his dad divorced. On the other hand, his dad has been in the news severally because of his life in the spotlight. In addition, Duane Snr. Has married 4 other ladies after his divorce to La Fonda Sue.


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Duane Snr climate married Ann Tegnell, and also they had actually three children. His subsequent marital relationship was betterworld2016.orgme Lyssa Rae Brittain, and they had three youngsters together. His 4th wife to be Tawny Marie, however they had no kids together.

Finally, his last marriage was to Alice Elizabeth Barmore Beth.

With Leland, that is likewise on the present with their dad. Photo:

Does Duane Lee Chapman Jr. Have actually a wife? Yes, he has been married before to one of his high-school betterworld2016.orglleagues, Teresa R. Roybal. Lock tied the knot in 1999 after ~ being with each other for four years. Unfortunately, they separated in 2008 but did not reveal the factor why. It has been speculated that the reason can be domestic violence or issues with affairs.

Duane Lee Chapman Jr.'s children

Before acquiring married to Teresa, he had a son, Dylan, and also a stepfather to Teresa's three kids from a ahead relationship.

Career and also TV shows

Dog the bounty hunter cast featuring the main characters. Photo: Ramirez DanielaSource: Facebook

Duane Jr betterworld2016.orgmplied with his father and began his career in TV. His very first show to be Dog The Bounty Hunter. The show launched on 30th respectable 2004 and also had an 8 season run until its cancellation in 2012. It to be a reality TV betterworld2016.orgllection that adhered to the Bounty searching life that Dog and his entire family.


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Leaving the family members business

He operated as a bondsman for his dad and likewise as a financial advisor. Throughout the last season that his dad's show, Duane Jr. Asked for a raise indigenous his dad and also his stepmom, Beth. They refuse his request, leading to several betterworld2016.orgnflicts around being underpaid and overworked. He eventually left the household reality present to seek his own betterworld2016.orgmpany in Florida.

Current career

What does Duane Chapman Jr. Carry out for a living? the left for Jacksonville, Florida, after the fallout v his parents. The went on to open up a bail bondsman firm. Moreover, he works as a gaue won advisor together well. Unfortunately, no much more is known due to the fact that he has actually distanced self from the spotlight after ~ leaving the show.

Net worth

Duane lee Chapman Jr.'s net worth is approximated to it is in 1 million dollars. His money originates from his business and also remnants that his time in the present business. His dad is estimated to have a net worth the $6 million.


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Latest news

He has kept a short profile due to the fact that he left the show. He sought to street himself indigenous his dad and the heritage that he aided build. So, it to be a surprise as soon as he was trending after ~ the fatality of his stepmom, Beth.

One of his an ext recent photos with a fan in 2018. Photo:
Elite Builder SolutionsSource: Facebook

Did Duane Lee Chapman Jr. Walk to Beth's funeral?

Beth Barmore died of throat cancer betterworld2016.orgmplications in Honolulu, Hawaii. She was diagnosed in 2017 and also lost the hit in June 2019. The Chapman clan to visit the funeral to pay their last respects. Leland Chapman post a pic the the Chapman's at the funeral, and in no time, pan spotted the Duane Jr. Was lacking from the picture.

Several rumours spread around him not being present, yet he had actually loyal fans who discussed that he would certainly never miss out on such crucial event. However, Bonnie, his sister, later betterworld2016.orgnfirmed that he was not present at the function.

Despite Duane Lee Chapman Jr. Having a stormy childhood, that made the most of the opportunity provided to the by his dad. After ~ leaving the family show, he decided to betterworld2016.orgme to be an entrepreneur.

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In recent news, betterworld2016.org recently published an article around Patty Mayo. That is a famous YouTuber who began filming bounty hunting betterworld2016.orgllection on his YouTube channels.

Over the years, that has managed to amass ample wealth from his career as an entertainer.

Source: betterworld2016.org

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