Marilyn Monroe to be a model, actor, singer, and also one of the most famous sex signs in the 1950s and also ’60s. She starred in a variety of classic films and is regularly referred to together the original blonde bombshell. Monroe passed away on Aug. 4, 1962, but an ext than five decades after her death fans still have questions around her life.

Here space some facts around the so late Hollywood symbol from her elevation to what she ate because that breakfast to the promise her ex-husband kept lengthy after she death.

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Headshot the Marilyn Monroe attract bright red lipstick and smiling for the camera in 1952 | Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

How old would certainly Marilyn Monroe be today?

Monroe, whose genuine name was Norma Jeane Mortenson (later Baker), to be born in Los Angeles, California, top top June 1, 1926. Meaning that the star who passed away when she was simply 36 year old would certainly be in she late ’90s if she were alive today. Monroe’s mother’s name was Gladys but the identification of her organic father stays a mystery. Monroe proclaimed that she thought actor Clark Gable was her dad.

“He had actually a slim mustache prefer Clark Gable,” Monroe recalled once speaking around a picture she witnessed of a guy her mom had dated. “I request my mommy what his surname was. She wouldn’t answer.”

In 1935, Monroe observed the movieChina Seas, i beg your pardon starred Gable, and also at that suggest onward Gable came to be “the male I thought was mine father,” she said per Glamour.

Marilyn Monroe’s height

Marilyn Monroe to sing “Happy Birthday” come President john F. Kennedy in 1962

Because Monroe wore heels so regularly on and off-screen, people have doubted just exactly how tall the so late Hollywood symbol was.

The Some choose It Hot star was 5-foot-5. As soon as it involves her various other measurements, there has been controversy over the years about what her exact dress size would be today due to the current sizing system, and also differing size from brand come brand and also country to country. Monroe had actually a variety of her garments custom-made and also was in reality sown right into some that her most memorable gowns consisting of the one she wore once she sang “Happy Birthday” come President john F. Kennedy.

On may 16, 1962, before the then-U.S. President’s 45th birthday, Monroe stepped onstage at Madison Square Garden come belt out the tune in a white hair coat prior to removing that to reveal a shimmering flesh-colored number underneath.

“I don’t think i had ever seen anyone for this reason beautiful as Marilyn Monroe that night. She to be wearing skin and beads,” politician Adlai Stevenson stated after the event.

Other things you didn’t know around the star

Marilyn Monroe on the collection of ‘Niagara’ | Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

A couple of other things you may not have actually known about Gentlemen like Blondes gibbs is that she was not a organic blonde. Her real color was actually brown. And despite how she was typecast in she films, Monroe was very intelligent with an IQ the 168.

Monroe’s eating habits have also been a warm topic amongst her fans together her daily breakfast was a bit unusual. For she morning meal, she would warm a cup of milk then break two raw eggs into it, whip them v a fork and drink them. Together for she dinner, that consisted of broiled steak or lamb chops v raw vegetables.

The 7 Year Itch star was married three times. First to James Dougherty from 1942 to 1946, climate to Joe DiMaggioin 1954, and also last toArthur Millerfrom 1956 to 1961. Monroe was just married to her second husband for nine months but, as PBS noted, the former brand-new York Yankee an excellent made a promise to placed roses at she gravesite every week if she died prior to him.

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He did for this reason for much more than twenty years after she death however stopped after the flowers kept obtaining stolen by fans.