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You can use for work at Harris Teeter online, v their career site. You have the right to either go directly to harristeeter.jobs or go through their main website and also click on the link to it. There aren’t any type of forms to print out. However, you might print out a overview that help you use their careers site. Girlfriend can obtain that here.Harris Teeter supplies a lot of various jobs, like:
CashierThis is one entry-level place where you’d be responsible for working the cash register. You i will not ~ be behind the register the entirety time, though! If necessary, you’ll aid carry their bags to their cars, providing customers an excellent service from begin to finish.As a cashier, you’ll be representing Harris Teeter to each customer. So you’ll put on a smile and make sure that all of their needs are met.This project is great for girlfriend if you love helping customers. It additionally excellent if you don’t mind gift on her feet a lot and helping to move inventory and shopping carts around.Food ClerkIn this entry-level position, you will do it be working with commodities in details sections of the store.

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you will do it learn about your section’s assets well enough to aid customers acquire what castle need.This job allows you to work carefully with customers and also teammates from other sections in the store. You’ll aid to manage perform in the produce section. You’ll also aid to produce a optimistic shopping experience and also put a smile on the customer’s face!This task is perfect for you if friend have wonderful organizational and customer business skills. These skills will help you recognize where everything is and also guide customers to what they need.BaggerThis is one entry-level and also part-time position. In this role, you will do it be complying with Harris Teeter’s steps to make certain the customer’s items are correctly bagged. Then, you’ll aid carry those bags to the customer’s automobile if needed.
You’ll work very closely with her teammates to make certain that everything runs smoothly. Here, you’re crucial piece the the puzzle once making sure the customer has actually a good experience in ~ the store.This job is an excellent for girlfriend if friend love working carefully with customers. It’s also great if you don’t mind being on your feet and doing a lot of lifting.Personal ShopperAs a personal Shopper, you’re basically a jack of every trades! Your duty is to assist individual customers through all their shopping needs. This could mean helping lock face-to-face or v their digital orders. It starts through you collecting the bespeak from her customer. As soon as you recognize what lock need, you’ll acquire the items, bag them, and even operate the sales register. Any type of paperwork affiliated will additionally be a part of her job, i beg your pardon makes friend the customer’s main contact person at Harris Teeter.This is a good role for human being who prefer doing countless different jobs in one. Because that a function like this, it help to it is in a multitasker who have the right to juggle numerous different jobs at the same time. Gift a customer-facing role, it’ll aid you deserve to work through a smile on your challenge no matter what happens.Customer service RepresentativeAs a Customer service Representative, you’ll basically be acting as a floor monitor. You will do it walk the aisles and make sure that every little thing is in the right place. If a customer looks prefer they need any kind of help, you’ll be the one to provide them that helping hand. In this role, you’re part of a team where everyone does their part to fulfill the customer. This way that as soon as things gain busy, you’ll assist out where you’re needed. You could have to assist at the cash register, or even assist to bag groceries.This is a good role for you if you have actually an eye because that detail. That also an excellent if friend have organizational an abilities since you’ll aid to store the keep at that is best. That course, knowing just how to it is in friendly v customers is a really important trait come have!
Manager JobsAt Harris Teeter, there are rather a few management tasks available.A great example is the Customer organization Manager position. In this role, you’ll lead end a hundred customer service associates and also the bookkeeping office together well! If there is a difficulty that her associates can’t solve themselves, you’ll be the one they look to for advice. Overall, you’ll make certain that everyone working in the keep does their component to keep customers happy at all times. Or probably you can work as a Produce Manager. In this role, you will do it be leading associates from the create Department. You’ll be responsible because that making certain that the list is always kept fresh. That way, her team offers only the ideal products to your customers. 

How much Does Harris Teeter salary (Hourly & Salary)?


Research reflects that the lowest salary payment at Harris Teeter is roughly $9 an hour for a Barista position, 15% below the average throughout the country. 
How lot you make functioning at Harris Teeter counts on your place in the company. Part-time workers space paid by the hour, while full time workers are salaried. The company also provides a lot of of an excellent benefits. You could get health care (medical, dental, vision and also life insurance) and also financial benefits like profit sharing twice a year. They likewise offer you educational assistance and also vacation benefits. Here are a couple of other recognized salaries to give you an idea of what you can earn at Harris Teeter:Cashier: around $10 an hourCustomer service Representative: around $11 one hourFood Clerk: about $11 one hourBagger: about $10 one hourFood Manager: around $54,000 a yearCustomer service Manager: about $28,000 a yearAssistant Manager: around $36,000 a year

How Old carry out You have to Be To job-related At Harris Teeter?


Depending top top the safety and security regulations of particular roles, that is feasible to occupational at Harris Teeter if you’re 16 years that age.Some of the entry-level positions easily accessible if you 16 years of age include:Grocery stock ClerkProduce ClerkCashierTo occupational in every job at Harris Teeter, you need to be at least 18 year of age

Does Harris Teeter drug Test?

According to our research, Yes – numerous applicants speak they’ve been medicine tested after obtaining their job at Harris Teeter.It seems the many common way of being tested is through a mouth swab. Some civilization have shared that that takes a few days prior to knowing the results of those tests.In the instance of Harris Teeter, it’s for sure to assume the if they offer you a job, they will offer you a drug test.

Possible Harris Teeter Interview questions & Tips

Generally, it appears that the interview process at Harris Teeter is laid earlier and informal. However, friend should constantly present your finest self in the interview. Dress for success in a company casual outfit, and also do your homework before you walk in!
Why carry out you desire to work at Harris Teeter?This is a typical question asked by almost every company. The recruiter asks you this question to check out if your top priorities are a an excellent fit because that the company. Since this is a sleeve business and also your task will most likely involve customers, your answer have to be related to the customers. For example, you can say the you favor to assist customers uncover what they need. Girlfriend could also say the you love creating a confident experience for customers.Tell me about yourselfRecruiters typically ask this kind of inquiry for two reasons. First, castle really do want to obtain an idea of what sort of human being you are. but they also ask this question to see just how well you recognize yourself!A an excellent answer would highlight her strengths and also positive values. Your problem-solving skills, how hard-working friend are, how friendly you deserve to be come customers; this are an excellent strengths to tell lock about. Practice this question prior to the interview as much as possible. After all, when you figure out just how to explain yourself, it’ll additionally make you’ll additionally feel much more confident in general!What would you perform if…These space scenario or situational questions. Castle ask friend this type of question to understand how you think. Depending ~ above the ‘pretend situation’ lock ask friend about, castle might additionally want come see exactly how you fix problems.These pretend instances will probably involve you being under pressure and dealing with a trouble or a customer. Your answer need to involve you maintaining your cool and always being friendly come customers and also colleagues no matter how hard the situation is.Your price should likewise show the you’re ready to ask your colleagues or your manager because that help, to show that you’re a team player. This is specifically true in instances where she not sure what to execute to deal with the problem.

Hiring Process

Overall, civilization have claimed that the hiring process at Harris Teeter is a positive one. Applicants have also said that the interview procedure is easy and also laid back. Usually, the interview procedure will take it a work or two however could take it up to 2 weeks.Interviews usually occur on-site in ~ a Harris Teeter location.The process may take it longer, depending upon how long the background check take as well.

Does Harris Teeter carry out Background Checks?

Yes, Harris Teeter does background checks.From the research, it seems that the background examine will take a main or 2 for the results.The background check will go together far back as possible, therefore if you have an problem from many years ago, the is finest to be ethical on your application.Usually, its for sure for you to assume that they’ll call any references that you offer to them.

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