In a time once so many celeb daughters are turning to modeling, at the very least one is displaying true, natural talent...

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GSP closeup and also with mom Vanna
There"s so much written around celebrities" kids. Some get fame by gaining into show business, while rather just gain into trouble. It"s update to understand there room those who stay out of the spotlight for the most component and live fairly normal lives.

The children of the well-loved Wheel the Fortune game show hostess room two such youngsters of Hollywood who their renowned mom can be proud of. Certain the siblings have actually been to your share of show business-related events and also been top top TV a time a two, but are greatly behind the scenes.

In a time when so plenty of celeb daughters are transforming to modeling, at the very least one is displaying true, natural talent.

Gigi, back raised in the shadow of fame with celebrity next-door neighbors in a town that"s all around "the industry," has sculpted out her very own life and also interests prove you can prosper up roughly fame and fortune and also not get brought away by it.

15 She i will not ~ Be Buying any Vowels

carry your daughter to occupational day to letter-turn while twinning in matching evening gowns may have had its lover moments, yet the daughter of the many beloved game display hostess ever as well as actor, genuine estate developer and also restauranteur George Santo Pietro has entertain in she blood, not her heart.

14 she’s A Cali Girl

Born and raised Los Angeles, the kid of celebrity thrived up in an extravagant, Beverly Hills mansion with eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a mini spa, a gym, as well as a vineyard to fill the alcohol cellar. Dotted v palm trees and greenery this gated Beverly Park ar had a spring in its prior courtyard and also a pool in back.

13 Keepin’ the Casual

Mom’s onscreen wardrobe is all about an extremely extra eveningwear. In over 3 decades, the Wheel of Fortune hostess has sashayed in shoulder pads, taffeta, spaghetti straps, and also sequins, however in life: “I’m not a large dresser-upper. Many of my closet is jeans, T-shirts, tennis shoes, and also flats.” In that respect, her daughter has complied with in her fashion footsteps.

12 She’s got An enlarge Brother

her handsome larger sib is Nicholas, nicknamed Nikko, that was born in 1994. He as well is no in present business. Says mom Vanna: "I am of course supportive of every little thing they desire to do and my son is — he just loves farming and all the stuff. He’s my nation boy."

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11 She has actually Two action Sisters

prior to wedding Vanna, Gigi"s dad was married to blonde Dynasty actress Linda Evans, and they had actually a daughter, Andrea. That union concerned an finish in 1984. Three years after his divorce indigenous the game show hostess, he married Melissa Mascari after ~ a one-year date period. They had a daughter named her Chiara.

10 she Parents room Divorced

Gorgeous Vanna White and also matinee idol-handsome George Santo Pietro exchanged their wedding vow in December of 1990. 12 years later on in 2002, as soon as their daughter to be 5 and also son was 7, the beautiful, show business pair got divorce (as seems to be the situation in Hollywood), but continued come co-parent.

9 she’s A Cancer

Giovanna "Gigi" Santo Pietro to be born ~ above July 2, 1994, making her a moon child. Represented by the Crab, those under this water authorize are recognized for gift emotional, nurturing, and highly intuitive (as fine as really sensitive, regularly insecure, and also well, sometimes crabby.) They"re many comfortable surrounding by love ones at house aka their shell.

8 She’s simply Gone public On IG

also though she"d attend red carpet events and the induction that her mommy onto the Hollywood walk of Fame, the exclusive daughter retained her life private. However as a an imaginative type, she wanted to display her work and also social media is the place for that, so, she"s opened up up hair for every to see, with some an individual pix blended in.

7 Her mom Used To it is in An Actress

Vanna White to be a contestant in the miss out on Georgia USA 1978 pageant and over the years has actually done episodic television. Her life was chronicled in her 1987 best-selling autobiography, Vanna Speaks! After winning the job on Wheel that Fortune, the wholesome yet glam blonde was so renowned with the woman viewers, it created the phenomenon known as Vannamania.

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6 She has No attention In The Limelight

In 2008, as soon as her mother--and crochet enthusiast--launched her very own brand of yarn referred to as Vanna"s an option (with fifty percent the proceeds going to St. Jude Children"s study Hospital), the girl who wanted life behind the camera i agreeed to version in a fashion present featuring knitwear do from mom"s colorful skeins.

5 she Artsy

"My daughter is a city girl for this reason she’s really much right into photography and also artsy stuff and also writing," Vanna said. Gigi learned photography and also imaging at NYU’s Tisch college of the Arts. She right now works as a photographer and also visual artist and has earned awards for her skills, such as the Gold and also Silver crucial Awards from Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

4 she Well-Traveled

The wanderluster loves to travel and end the years has actually accompanied her celebrity mommy on business trips and continues to carry out so ~ above her own for she art. But she likewise likes to remain in and also curl up v a good book, or watch movies, and also seeing friends when she"s home.

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3 She Looks more Like she Dad

It"s very popular now for mom/daughter celebs to display off exactly how they look choose doppelgangers (Reese and Ava, Cindy and Kaia, Kris and also Kendall), however Gigi and Vanna"s opposite looks enhance each other. They may share a smile and also twinkle in eyes, but the exotic-looking brown-haired, brown-eyed beauty has actually her father"s coloring, together opposed to her mom"s sunny California blondeness.

2 she Close To she Mom

due to the fact that a snapshot is worth a thousands words, it"s apparent that there"s a lot of love in between this girl and her mom have actually for every other. Together Vanna"s social media game evolved, her pictures posted of she family show genuine pleasure to be together and also just spend time, law even an easy activities.

1 she’s Single

also though there appears to be no proof of a stable boyfriend on society media, from she dark beauty, imaginative talent, and also Hollywood pedigree, it"s a definite the this budding expert photographer must have her re-publishing of suitors, who, if they"re lucky, will certainly pass muster v loving mama Vanna White.

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