13 year old (at debut) (born august 24, 1994) (anime)13 year old (at debut) (born respectable 24, 1994) (anime)
13 years old (at debut) (born august 24, 1991) (manga)13 years old (at debut) (born august 24, 1991) (manga)
Episode 27 (partial debut in illustration 26), thing 59 (manga)Episode 27 (partial debut in illustration 26), thing 59 (manga)
Death NoteDeath Note

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Near was raised in one orphanage, and also is very intelligent. Watari was the owner/creator the this orphanage, and due to this all the kids in over there are extremely intelligent, yet Near was constantly at the top. Because of this, near was chosen as one to maybe precede together if anything taken place to L.

Near figured out countless of the details top top the Kira case that l didn"t uncover out until it was as well late. As result of this, the president of the USA makes near the leader the an organization that is concentrated on recognize Kira. As with L, Near has no created proof the his actual name or any kind of photo"s anywhere.

Near"s expectation is 434016. In the manga, near is proclaimed to have actually been born in 1991, when in the anime it i do not care 1994. At the begin of the collection Near is 13 year old, then he is 17 years old once the collection picks increase after the moment skip. And also of course he naturally ages throughout the series.

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The above description come from Genesis, and was edited by your truly. The image came indigenous dn-fr.com.

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