Mattybraps, whose real name is Matthew David Morris, is a famous young rapper. This teenage rapper is also known together MattyB in addition to Mattybraps. That is popular for his YouTube uploads of well-known music videos. Mattybraps started playing music when he was seven years old, in 2010. Due to the fact that then, he’s controlled to relax a slew of celebrity remixes and covers. This celebrity’s an individual life, career, honors, and success will it is in discussed.

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Perhaps you’re familiar with Mattybraps. However do girlfriend know how old the is, just how tall he is, and also how lot money he has actually in 2021? If you room unfamiliar with Mattybraps’s short biography-wiki, career, expert life, an individual life, current net worth, age, height, weight, and other statistics, we have actually prepared this page for you. So, if you’re ready, let’s get this party started.

Table the Bio/Wiki

What is Mattybraps’s net Worth and Salary in 2021

Mattybraps’ net worth is $5 million as of October 2021. Making various music covers, showing up on truth shows, and writing original songs have actually all contributed to her network worth. His network worth has risen together a an outcome of his eight year in celebrity life and also the music industry.


MattyBRaps has a net worth that $5 million (SOURCE:facebook)

Age is merely a number value. The is the most important lesson we deserve to take away from Mattybraps’ life. Mattybraps has completed a lot in the music industry in spite of his youth.

Early Years

Matthew David Morris to be born ~ above January 6, 2003. His birthplace is Duluth, Georgia, in the United states of America. Blake Morris and also Tawny Morris space his father and mother, respectively. He to be reared in a family with 3 older brothers and a younger sister. Blake Morris Jr, john Michael Morris, josh Morris, and Sarah grace Morris room his siblings.

His father is a business management graduate with a bachelor’s degree. Suwanee, Georgia, United claims of America, is where the entire family resides. MarsRaps, Mattybraps’ enlarge cousin and a renowned rapper, is his producer. He is at this time a center school student at the Wesleyan School.

Age, height, and also weight

Mattybraps, that was born ~ above January 6, 2003, is 18 year old together of today, October 8, 2021. He stands 1.7 meters tall and weighs 61 kilograms.


Matthew David Morris began his musical job at the age of five. The was after ~ listening to hip-hop songs and becoming soon enamored with the genre. The learned to run to the beats of this type of music as well. Once his cousin, a rapper, moved in with them, things acquired a lot better. That is a popular rapper that goes by the moniker MarsRaps.

Mattybraps climate teamed up with his cousin Mars come rap together. He preserved rapping and even persuaded his cousin to assist him in his rapping. Two years later, Mars and Mattybraps released a video clip covering Justin Bieber’s tune Eenie Meenie. It was uploaded to YouTube. Many world liked this film, and also it easily surpassed 500,000 views simply a mainly after it to be posted.

His actual break to popularity and also public recognition happened as a an outcome of the foregoing. In 2010, he recorded his debut cover because that the song I believe in You. Mattybraps collaborated v Tyler Ward, a well-known songwriter and vocalist, for a time. The went on to make additional covers for miscellaneous songs. The was invite to two tv shows, to chat Tonight and also Wendy Williams Show, because of his music.

Mattybraps exit his first original song, Forever and also Always, in so late 2011. He additionally continued to appear on a range of tv shows, consisting of Dr. Phil, WWE Raw, Fox 5 News, and also others. He also had the chance to execute live in ~ venues such as Centennial Olympic Park, the Atlanta Nascar race, six Flags over Georgia, and also Turner Field. In 2014, that signed a partnership through Endemol past USA, a network. He started filming music videos ~ that. Mattybraps, like many other rappers, has actually been involved in controversies, an especially on society media.

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Achievements and Awards

Mattybraps has achieved a lot in the music industry, particularly in rapping. Many covers have actually been made accessible on his YouTube channel many thanks to him. Mattybraps has remained in a variety of reality shows and written a number of original song in addition to his numerous covers.

Quick facts of Mattybraps

Celebrated Name:Real Name/Full Name:Gender:Age:Birth Date:Birth Place:Nationality:Height:Weight:Sexual Orientation:Marital Status:Wife/Spouse (Name):Children:Dating/Girlfriend(Name):Profession:Net precious in 2021:Last Updated:
Matthew David Morris
18 years old
6 January 2003
Duluth, Georgia, unified States
1.7 m
61 kg
In a Relationship
Yes (Kate Cadogan)
$5 million
October 2021