Each thing switches the view from i beg your pardon it"s being told. The main characters (and perspectives us hear from) are:

Anna Fitzgerald- 13 year old and also knows the the reason her parents had actually her was so the there could be a bone marrow donor for Kate. She rental a lawyer to acquire medical emancipation from her parents for this reason she will certainly not be required to donate her kidney.Kate- 16 years old and older sister that Anna"s. She to be diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia in ~ a an extremely young age. She has basically lived with it nearly her whole life.Jesse- earliest child, brother to Anna and Kate. The is very rebellious, and his parents often don"t recognize where the is at. That likes come play with matches and also intentionally burns down old vacant buildings with a friend.Brian- father of Anna, Kate, and Jesse. His is a firefighter. Return he stays at the firehouse a lot and called far often, that is a an extremely loving and also attentive father.Sara- mother to the three teens. She has desperately cared because that Kate since she was diagnosed. Return she plainly loves her other children, the high level of fist she provides to Kate does not provide her much time to pay much attention come Anna or Jesse, virtually to the suggest of gift callous.Campbell Alexander- that is the intelligent, savvy attorney Anna hires. Caring small about everyone else, the takes ~ above Anna"s case since it will carry him a many publicity and he doesn"t think he"ll need to do lot work to success the case. He has a company dog, although us don"t find out till the finish what it is for.Julia Romano- She is the guardian ad litem for Anna. She date Campbell once they were both in high school and also they both had solid feelings because that each other, and those flames room rekindled as soon as they watch each other again afters an number of years.

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The book starts off through Anna selling some of her belongings in a pawn shop. ~ going home she goes to the office that Campbell Alexander in stimulate to hire him come sue her parents "for the ideal to very own body." The reason her parents had actually her in the an initial place, she explains, was so the she might donate bone marrow to her older sister. Yet over the year she has had to walk through more and much more surgeries. And now, she parents want her to donate a kidney to Kate, Anna has never had to donate a body organ before. When Campbell realizes the she is very serious around what she is doing, that agrees come be her lawyer, agree bono, knowing he"ll get a lot of publicity from the case. The is walking to demand medical emancipation for Anna.

Anna"s parents space shocked when they receive the legal files informing castle of what Anna is doing. When they realize the they room going to need a lawyer, Sara, who is a lawyer, decides to it is in the lawyer representing the the contrary side, not really believing the instance will walk far and thinking she"ll be able to talk Anna the end of the suit. She think Anna is just doing this for attention. Campbell renders it clean in court the he desires Anna out of the house because her mommy is opposing counsel. The referee appoints a guardian ad litem for Anna, Julia Romano, her task is usually to stand for the ideal interests that the boy child.

Through out the publication we watch that Anna feels guilty around the decision she has made and questions it. She doesn"t want to hurt she family. Campbell becomes really agitated in ~ Anna"s reluctance. The goes through his very own turmoil, having actually to work-related with an old flame. It comes out during the trial the his company dog is supposed to warning him once he is around to have actually seizures. Transforms out the Campbell obtained into a vehicle accident at 18 and also suffered permanent seizures indigenous it. He left Julia because he didn"t want to burden her v his affliction. When Julia finds the end she begins to pardon Campbell for what that did, and also they start a connection again.

Brain finds out that Jesse, his son, has actually been the person beginning all of the recent fires he and his men have been putting out. Confronting Jesse, the boy admits that he feels immense guilt because of the fact he wasn"t a donor complement for Kate. Brian realizes the Jesse psyche worked to to convince him that since he couldn"t rescue, he had actually to destroy.

From Sara"s perspective, i beg your pardon is told from the past, starting from once Kate to be diagnosed, to the existing story. We check out throughout she perspective that whatever she walk was constantly out the love. However, it seems that she did salary too much attention come Kate come the allude of emotionally neglecting her various other children. Kate was always her very first concern and she didn"t think much around that and considered that a given due to the fact that Kate was dying. Through out the trial and also book, Sara realizes where she walk wrong in some aspects of her parenting. Though she is irritable at what Anna is doing, she never hates she or stop loving her for it.

Rightbefore the end of the trial, a plot twist: once Anna first found out around the require for a kidney transplant, she was going to carry out it and had not trouble with it. But, Kate encouraged her no to. Turns out, she didn"t desire to go through with the surgery, she was sick of the all. She knew she"d die without the transplant, but she just couldn"t go through it all. It to be Kate who encouraged Anna to obtain a lawyer.

The attempt ends with the judge ruling in Anna"s favor. She receive clinical emancipation from she parents. Everyone is happy the the instance is over, and no one is mad at Anna for doing what she did.

A sad twisted of fate then happens. Campbell is control in a auto with Anna in the passenger seat. The car is struck by a truck. Campbell makes it out okay, yet Anna is left brain dead. Anyone is stricken v grief, particularly Sara who had constantly been planning out the death of her various other daughter, Kate. The physician asks around organ donation. Campbell, being the medical power that attorney because that Anna, says that Anna would desire her kidney donated to she sister.

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Epilogue:Told because that the an initial time from Kate"s perspective, she talks around what taken place to her household in the couple of years ~ Anna"s death. The transplant worked and it has actually been 8 years because her last relapse. Sara experienced from a heavy grieving process. Brain overcame alcoholism. Jesse came to be a policeman. Julia and Campbell acquired married. The ends with Kate explaining that v the transplant she takes Anna v her, not matter where she goes.