QVC is celebrate its 35th Birthday! and also while it’s been 2 years due to the fact that I left QVC together a program host, ns was there because that 25 of those 35 years.

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I look earlier on my year at QVC with so much fondness. It was a really fun time in my life and also I’m so grateful for all of the methods those years lugged to me.


Working at QVC to be an tremendous lesson in business. I checked out college for broadcast journalism, yet I think about my year at QVC to it is in the indistinguishable of a master’s degree in sales, marketing, publicly relations and also merchandising.

and also most of all, working as a program organize introduced me come some impressive people. Some famous, some not. Yet I developed a wonderful arsenal of friendships and memories over my 25 years, and that, much more than anything, is the best takeaway from mine time there.


So, in respect of QVC’s 35th Birthday, I assumed it would certainly be fun to share some photos and stories with all of you. I hope you gain a tiny trip down memory lane!

Working v Celebrities in ~ QVC

As you can imagine, over my numerous years in ~ QVC, I operated with a lot of renowned people.

I really took pleasure in working v Martha Stewart. She is therefore smart and also of course, inspired my love that entertaining and also home living.

I look back and wish i would have actually taken images with every one of them. I wish I had actually a picture of me and also Hank Aaron. Or Kareem Abdul Jabbar. I wish i took a photo with the absent star, Melissa Etheridge. Or Hall and Oates. I might kick myself for not asking because that a snapshot with singer, James Taylor.

But, I always wanted the guests I worked with to check out me together a professional, and also I didn’t feel favor it collection the right tone if ns asked because that a photograph. So, for plenty of years, i made that my personal policy no to ask.

Rachael Ray is just one of the hardest working civilization I know. She was good to work with!

Of course, v the introduction of social media and camera phones, that changed a bit. So, I’m happy I have actually a couple of pictures come share v you!

Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O’Leary indigenous the hit show, Shark Tank. Always courteous and easy to work with!
Couture designer, Dennis Basso, is among my favourite QVC friends. That is the best storyteller! and also we had actually 25 years of laughs together

So here’s a funny story about Catherine Zeta Jones. Ns loved working with Catherine. She was really connected in she collections (which isn’t always the case with celebrity lines) and also she was just a lovely person to be around.

I adored working with Academy award Winner, Catherine Zeta Jones. She to be so passionate around her collection!

During among her shows, she stated to me the her husband, Michael, was going to be in the environment-friendly room. If you DIDN’T know, Michael is gibbs MICHAEL DOUGLAS. And also Catherine discussed that that really favored me (um, WHAT???) and that I’d have to come down to the environment-friendly room and also say hello.

I assumed she to be being nice.

But then, after ~ the show, Michael’s assistant came into the studio and wanted to recognize if I had actually a minute to come say hello come Michael. Ns was speechless for a moment, and also then Catherine laughed and said, “See? i told you he likes you!”

You know, just hanging out v Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones

Needless come say, Michael to be a full doll. Super friendly, down to earth and I just had a round chatting through him. That was one of those moment I’ll never forget!

Celebrities Who become Friends

When you work with the same civilization over and also over again, certain a bond forms. And sometimes, the bond grows into friendship.

And that’s what happened with numerous special civilization who i met v QVC.

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers was one of the most special civilization I’ve ever before met. She took me under her wing from the first time we met. She taught me therefore much about jewelry, style, fashion, business, and just day-to-day life.


Joan to be kind. Once she learned i wouldn’t be able to be through my family over the holidays, she invited me come her residence for Christmas Eve.


She was gracious, thoughtful, and constantly asked me around my family.

Me and my QVC partner at the funeral the Joan Rivers

It damaged my love to announce to the QVC audience the Joan passed away in 2014. And also I to be honored to be on the guest list to attend her funeral, in addition to several various other QVC hosts. She was a wonderful lady.

Lori Greiner

Long prior to she was a “SHARK,” Lori Greiner to be my friend. She and her husband, Dan, would invest holidays with my family. We would often get with each other for dinners or impromptu lunches in ~ her residence in PA. In fact, Lori and Dan would sometimes babysit for my son, Trevor!


Lori is one of the smartest gals ns know. Ns love security time through her. Us haven’t seen much of each various other in current years through her liven shooting schedule, yet I still think about her a loyal and trusted friend.

Suze Orman

Let me just say this. Suze Orman taught me whatever I know around money.


When ns was a young host and also finally had some “spending” cash, I invested a tiny too much. Suze helped me to acquire out the debt and put me on the right track to save, save, save. She has been a trusted confidant many times over when I necessary financial advice.

Laura Geller

I might write an entire blog around Laura Geller. I love this lady so much.


She is a good person. A really an excellent person. And she has end up being one that my most dear friends. Ns would execute anything for her. And also I understand I can count on her to be there because that me too.


Laura to be the first person to recognize that I had actually been booked for the today show. She has been one of my greatest cheerleaders. Ns feel so lucky to have actually her in mine corner. I can’t say enough an excellent things about her! She’s simply, the best.

Bobbi Brown

There was probably no one ns was much more excited to work-related with in ~ QVC 보다 makeup artist, Bobbi Brown.


Not just did I use her makeup, however I just thought there was something very cool around her. Ns loved watching her segments ~ above television and also reading she tips in magazines.

Bobbi and also I operated together really well. Us were just very comfortable approximately each other and that produced a an excellent relationship.

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I think about her a good mentor. Whether I require advice or simply want to say hi, I’m so grateful to have her top top my list of “go-to” people!

More QVC Friends

Of course, ns have numerous other friendships as a result of working at QVC for all of those years.


It’s no secret that native the moment we to be hired together, David Venable and also I had actually a really special friendship. We common a most laughs together!


I’ve likewise always been close v Mary Beth Roe, one of the kindest ladies you’ll ever meet.


And climate there are several of my closestly friends, favor Dara Lynn from viewpoint Beauty, Tara Tesher from Temp-Tations, Maria McCool native Calista Tools and also jewelry designer, Carolyn Pollack.


These women are among some the my best friends… the persons I can call any kind of time, day or night, because that support and also love.

My Favorite part Of QVC

Without a doubt, mine favorite component of functioning at QVC for every one of those year was placing together the show, “You’re house With Jill.” It was my heart and soul. I loved finding products and also sharing them v you in those programs.


When i look ago on what we did in the show, ns realize that it pioneered so plenty of of the program that came to be staples on QVC. And also that mine vision to produce a genuine “show” where everything was accessible for you to acquisition was yes, really groundbreaking and also ahead of its time.

I don’t think QVC yes, really ever construed the size of what that display was doing and also the potential it had actually to do even more.

But hey! That’s what simply Jill is because that now!