ELVIS PRESLEY has actually one daughter with former wife Priscilla, called Lisa Marie Presley, but is Elvis Presley Jr his son?


Did Elvis Presley have actually a son? (Image: Getty)

"Elvis" manager, betterworld2016.orglonel Tom Parker, feared the a marriage to Angelique, and also his impending fatherhood, would certainly seriously damage the King"s call thereby destroying his wealth and also fame.

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“Great push was exerted upon the actress to have an abortion.

"While Angelique to be unwilling to abort the baby, she did agree to provide the infant in mystery thereby saving Elvis the shame and also publicity the a Hollywood scandal.”

The singer, originally called Phillip Stanic, cases he was adopted by a circus family, as betterworld2016.orglonel Tom Parker had likewise been, and also began performing together a clown from together young as five-years-old.

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Elvis Presley performing ~ above TV (Image: Getty)


At period 21, Stanic claims he was told around his original parentage and also adoption, after which time that sought betterworld2016.orgme be renamed Elvis Presley Jr.

The website description betterworld2016.orgntinues: “When Phillip reached his 21st birthday, a hard decision to be made betterworld2016.orgme tell the young male that he was adopted and that his father was Elvis Presley.

“After lot inner struggle, Phillip realised the he want his true identity to be acknowledged.

"He used for and was granted top top January 21, 1985 the legal best to bear the name Elvis Aaron Presley, Jr. By the United states Federal betterworld2016.orgurt system.

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Elvis and Priscilla with Lisa Marie (Image: Getty)


Lisa Marie Presley with her mommy Priscilla Presley (Image: Getty)

“After adequate documents, sworn testimonies, and additional evidence gift by independent third parties to be presented betterworld2016.orgme a judge and after proof having been made to the satisfaction of the betterworld2016.orgurt ‘that an alert of hearing thereon was given in the manner and kind required by law and no objections having been filed by any person, Phillip Stanic by the decision the the U.S. betterworld2016.orgmmonwealth betterworld2016.orgurt’, was known as Elvis Aaron Presley, Jr.”

Details the the evidence which is claimed to have actually been presented space not clear, however, Presley Jr has used the name due to the fact that 1985 and been a singer and Elvis impersonator ever since.

Elvis called Lisa Marie Presley as his succession in his will and also so much the insurance claim has not been unequivocally proven.

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There have been a variety of unproven claims from people who have said they space illegitimate children of the singer, and so much no DNA proof or any kind of other proof has been shared publicly.