Is beauty beauty & The Beast's Chip The Beast's Son? Disney Theory explained A pan theory intends to deal with a pair of mysteries indigenous Disney"s animated standard Beauty and the Beast, arguing Chip is the Beast"s son.

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Beauty and also the Beast concept Chip Beast son
The standard animated Disney movies space not safe from pan theories, specifically when there room inconsistencies and plot holes that have actually never been solved, and Beauty and the Beast has an amazing one about Chip and who his genuine parents are. Return Walt Disney Pictures has actually explored assorted genres and also styles for decades, the studio continues to be best-known because that its animated features, particularly those led through princesses and also often based on other works – native novels to legends and also not so kid-friendly fairy tales.

Disney’s an initial princess was snow White, introduced in the 1937 movie Snow White and the seven Dwarfs, and the studio has due to the fact that produced a total of 12 movies within the Disney Princesses franchise, as no all female leads in an man Disney movie have the right to be Disney Princesses (as is the situation of Frozen’s Anna and also Elsa). Among the most beloved movies within this faction of Disney movies is Beauty and the Beast, which introduced Belle (voiced by Paige O’Hara), a book-loving young woman who in stimulate to conserve her father, becomes the sinner of the Beast (Robby Benson), a prince transformed into a beast v a curse. This punishment prolonged to his servants, that were transformed right into talking household objects, and among those to be Chip (Bradley Pierce).

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Chip is a young young turned into a teacup thanks to the curse and is presented as Mrs. Potts’ son. If they make an adorable pair, the finishing of Beauty and also the Beast left countless questions about them, as once the curse is lifted and also everyone returns to their person forms, Mrs. Potts is revealed to be too old to have actually a child like Chip, that looks come be around 5-7 year old. Although over there are numerous questions about the eras of anyone in the castle and also the i of time, it’s now generally welcomed that castle didn’t period like normal world under the curse, for this reason Chip to be already part of this people when they to be cursed. Now, as to who his parental are, a fan theory suggests he’s the Prince’s son, and his mom isn’t Mrs. Potts.

Beauty and also The Beast Chip
The concept (via Decider) says that the Prince is Chip’s genuine dad, based upon their ages and also how similar they physically are. It goes on to define that the Prince had actually an affair through an unknown town girl, leading to the birth of Chip. As having a “bastard heir” would have been fairly the scandal and one the the Prince merely wouldn’t tolerate, he retained the child and Mrs. Potts took on the function of mom to young Chip. Together for that Chip’s real mom is, the theory says is none various other than the Enchantress that cursed the Prince and everyone rather living in the castle, together she to be heartbroken about the Prince leaving her and taking their kid away. This part of the concept is supported by just how the sorceress cursing lock all due to the fact that the Prince no let she crash for the night isn’t the believable, so there could have to be a lot an ext between them the led the Enchantress to punish him so severely, even if that had cursing her boy as well.

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Like countless other fan theories, this one about Beauty and the Beast’s Chip isn’t shown nor denied and it probably never will, simply because there’s no require to. While this provides an interesting and also darker view of the story and also characters in Beauty and also the Beast, and also solves the mystery of how could Chip also be alive and also how can Mrs. Potts be his mother, it’s unlikely Disney would certainly have offered a hidden backstory come the Prince, Chip, and the Enchantress, but it can be fun to store it in mental the next time you watch this Disney classic.