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Benvolio personality Analysis

Benvolio is a good member that the Montague family in Romeo and Juliet. he is Romeo's great friend, but likewise loyal to Romeo's father and the prince of Verona. Benvolio is vital character in Romeo and also Juliet. His scenes and speeches advance the action of the pat in far-reaching ways.

Bevolio's personality is mild. The attempts come act together a peacemaker and voice the reason once tempers flare in between the Montagues and also Capulets. Sadly, the is not successful in averting violence. Benvolio offers Romeo some necessary advice that, surprisingly, leads to the fateful conference of Romeo and also Juliet.

Does Benvolio Die?

Benvolio does not die in the beat Romeo and also Juliet, however this is a common trick question asked through instructors. After analysis this article, you'll be ready to answer to many questions about this character. You'll also be able to reply accurately to that tricky question around Benvolio's "death" in Romeo and Juliet. Eliminate confusion and improve your expertise by reading the Benvolio quotations and also explanations in this article.

See, where he comes: so please you, step aside; I'll understand his grievance, or be lot denied.

— Benvolio, to mr Montague

What is the Relationship in between Benvolio and also Romeo?

Benvolio is a close friend of Romeo. He is likewise a great friend come the Montague family.

Benvolio is part of the Montague Household

Benvolio is therefore close come the Montague family that the is referred to as Romeo's cousin. Return he may not be not technically a blood relation, the hatchet "cousin" is used as a term of endearment that demonstrates the depth of the bond of friendship in between the 2 young men. If fact, mr Montague asks Benvolio especially for assist with Romeo's moods.

Benvolio is Romeo's an excellent Friend

At the beginning of Romeo and also Juliet, Romeo is avoiding his family and also generally acting in a melancholy way. Romeo even runs indigenous his friends.

Benvolio describes the event to mr Montague. He explains that he saw Romeo at dawn, but Romeo stole away into the woods and deliberately avoided Benvolio. Benvolio allowed him go, yet he tells mr Montague:

Madam, an hour prior to the worshipp'd sun Peer'd soon the golden window the the east,A troubled psychic drave me come walk abroad; Where, under the grove of sycamore That from the west rooteth from the city's side, So at an early stage walking go I check out your son: Towards him ns made, yet he was ware that meAnd stole into the covert of the wood: I, measure his affections by mine own, That many are busied once they're most alone, Pursued my humour no pursuing his, And gladly shunn'd who gladly fled indigenous me.

Benvolio help Romeo's Parents

Lord and Lady Montague want to know how finest to help their son. Benvolio volunteer to try to uncover the reason of Romeo's mood.

Benvolio. My noble uncle, perform you understand the cause?

Montague. I neither recognize it nor have the right to learn the him.

Benvolio. See, wherein he comes: so please you, action aside;

I'll understand his grievance, or be lot denied.

Montague. I would certainly thou wert therefore happy by thy stay, To hear true shrift. Come, madam, let's away.

Benvolio is loyal to Romeo, however he is also loyal to the Montague family. He wants to help Romeo's parents.

Some world interpret this as Benvolio spying ~ above Romeo on behalf of the parental of the Montague family. In most cases, though, this action of Benvolio's is watched to show his hopeful motivations and an excellent character.

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Be rule by me, forget come think that her. By giving liberty unto thine eyes; examine various other beauties.

— Benvolio, come Romeo

What is Benvolio's Advice come Romeo?

To review, remember the at the start of the play, Romeo is in love with a girl called Rosaline. Rosaline has rejected Romeo because she plan to go into a convent. Rosaline will certainly not marry any kind of man. Romeo is heartbroken by this, and has spent every one of the early morning hours alone and wandering around town.

Benvolio Advises Romeo to Forget about Rosaline

Benvolio advises Romeo come forget around Rosaline and also "examine other beauties" instead. This is necessary advice, due to the fact that it leader to Romeo conference Juliet in ~ the Capulet feast.

When Benvolio finds him, Romeo is still an extremely sad. Benvolio urges Romeo to forget about Rosaline and turn his mind toward other ladies:

Be rule by me, forget to think the her. By giving liberty depend thine eyes; examine other beauties.

It Is Benvolio's Idea to attend the Capulet Party

Specifically, Benvolio suggests that he to visit a party that will be provided that evening at the Capulet mansion. Rosaline will be in attendance at the party. The Montagues will not it is in welcome at the feast, yet the household rivalry does not faze him.

Benvolio insists that once Romeo sees Rosaline in compare with other women, she will not seem therefore beautiful ~ all. He says to Romeo the "I will make thee think her swan a crow." The mrs Romeo think so beautiful ideal now, will certainly seem nothing an ext than typical in comparison through others.

At this same old feast of Capulet's Sups the fair Rosaline who thou for this reason lovest,With every the admired beauties the Verona: Go thither; and, with unattainted eye, Compare her confront with some that i shall show, And I will certainly make thee think her swan a crow.

Benvolio Has an excellent Intentions

From the beginning, Benvolio's advice is aimed toward helping Romeo restore his emotionally balance. Unfortunately, the advice has unintended consequences.


What is Benvolio's Personality in Romeo and also Juiet?

Throughout the play, Benvolio's motivation seems come be just for the good of all. His personality appears benevolent, kind, and motivated towards making serene resolutions of problems.

Benvolio's Is Diplomatic

Benvolio is a peacemaker. The tries valiantly to rest up a fight in between the Montagues and also Capulets. In the an initial scene of the play, the servants the both dwellings have started a near-riot, and are fighitng violent ins the highways of Verona. Benvolio attempts to reason with the brawlers, through saying:

Part, fools! Put up her swords; you understand not what you do.

He is not successful in getting the fight come stop, however he make the efforts to ease the conflict as ideal he can. Benvolio supplies as lot diplomacy as possible int the situation.

Benvolio Interprets Events

Benvolio defines the very first fight step to mr Montague. The lays the end the action step by step and explains to lord Montague the Tybalt (a Capulet) exacerbated the violence, and also would no listen to Benvolio's plea for peace.

Here were the servants of her adversary, And yours, close fighting ere ns did approach: I drew to component them: in the instant came The fiery Tybalt, through his knife prepared, Which, together he breathed defiance to mine ears, He swung around his head and cut the winds, Who nothing ache withal hiss'd the in scorn: While we were interchanging thrusts and blows, Came more and more and fought on component and part,Till the prince came, who parted one of two people part.

In this speech, Benvolio gives an exact description and also seeks to burned light on the instance so the Lord Montague can understand it. Over there is another fight, later in the play, the Benvolio likewise tries come explain.

Benvolio Intervenes for Justice

In the first scene of plot three, there is an additional fight. This one has very tragic consequences. Ultimately, the fight leads to the tragic fatality of Mercutio, an additional one of Romeo's friends.That sad death causes Romeo Montague to death Tybalt, a Capulet.

Tybalt's death begins the sad downfall that Romeo and Juliet, bring about their double suicide.

Benvolio describes this fight come Prince Escalus. He explains Romeo's actions, in an effort to save Romeo indigenous a fatality sentence.

Tybalt, right here slain, who Romeo's hand go slay; Romeo the spoke the fair, bade him bethink 1670How pretty the arguments was, and urged withal Your high displeasure: every this uttered With gentle breath, patience look, knees humbly bow'd, Could no take truce with the unruly spleen Of Tybalt deaf come peace, yet that that tilts 1675With piercing steel at interlocutor Mercutio's breast, Who all together hot, turns deadly point to point, And, v a martial scorn, through one hand to win Cold fatality aside, and also with the other sends It ago to Tybalt, whose dexterity, 1680Retorts it: Romeo that cries aloud, 'Hold, friends! friends, part!' and, swifter than his tongue, His agile arm beats under their deadly points, And 'twixt castle rushes; under whose arm 1685An envious thrust from Tybalt fight the life Of stout Mercutio, and then Tybalt fled; But by and also by comes back to Romeo, Who had however newly entertain'd revenge, And to 't lock go favor lightning, for, ere ns Could draw to part them, was stout Tybalt slain. And, together he fell, walk Romeo turn and fly.

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This is the truth, or allow Benvolio die.