Skydiving is life-changing. Your first jump is equal parts epic adventure and also mega empowerment, and every jump thereafter provides your people feel bigger, brighter and also a totality lot more exciting.

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Come jump through us! Our location on the pristine Emerald coastline delivers a tandem skydiving experience unlike any other. Our see of the Gulf that Mexico are breath-taking, our skies space blue year-round, and our tandem instructors are few of the industry’s best. We room the #1 choice for skydiving Alabama and also Florida’s stunning Gulf Coast.

We market three tandem skydiving packages – each v the promise of storage to critical a lifetime.

Adventure is calling. Let’s perform this!


Soak in Alabama and also Florida’s gorgeous turquoise waters and also sandy white beaches as you soar two miles over the glittering Emerald Coast. You’ll take off and also touch under at our exclusive airfield situated minutes from stunning beaches.


Enjoy an suffer that’s distinctive to Skydive The Gulf! obtainable only when a day at sunrise, tandem skydivers land close to the world-famous Flora-Bama Lounge and Beach Bar ~ above picture-perfect Orange Beach.


yes sir no better - or memorable - means to pop the ultimate question than with a skydive. Book one of ours proposal packages and we’ll take care of the logistics, including videography to mark the occasion!


15-minute instructional class to learn an easy freefall and canopy skills.20-minute airplane ride come altitude over our beautiful Florida-Alabama coastline.One tandem skydiving jump through a experienced USPA-rated tandem Instructor.Approximately 45 seconds of freefall native 10,500 feet.5-7 minutes of calm canopy descent over the Gulf that Mexico.

We bring up to two tandem students per flight.


You need to be at least 19 years old top top the work you jump. Carry a valid, government-issued ID.For safety and security reasons, you need to weigh 250 lbs or much less to jump. Students over 200 lbs will be assessed a dues of $1/lb.We have actually a minimum the 2 tandems every flight. A fee may use for single student flights.No alcohol and/or medicine in your system 24 hours before making a tandem skydive.You should wait 24 hrs to skydive after ~ SCUBA diving.

We are the closestly Skydiving facility to Pensacola, Mobile, Gulf Shores, & Orange Beach! We deliver the ONLY ocean Views of the Gulf the Mexico in the region! Why would you Skydive anywhere else?!

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