We’re right here to help! below is a perform of our typically asked concerns to help you do your stay with us at river Hotel a memorable one.

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What is her cancellation policy?

Bookings prior to November 1, 2021:

River Hotel is allowing guests come cancel without penalty by 6 afternoon day of arrival because that existing and brand-new bookings through November 1, 2021.

Bookings after ~ November 1, 2021:

While we’ll miss out on you, we recognize sometimes to plan change. We allow complimentary cancellations and changes until 6 pm (hotel local time), 48 hours prior to arrival. Any kind of cancellations or changes made after that time are subject come a fee of one night’s room plus tax. Please keep in mind there room no cancellations or changes permitted on reservations booked under the Non-Refundable Rate.

Do you have actually a reservation waitlist?

We do have actually waitlists and also will notify you should rooms end up being available.

Do you permit pets?

Pets are not permitted, except service animals.

What space your check-in and check-out times?

Check-in time is 3pm; check-out time is Noon. Early on check-in or late check-out deserve to be arranged because that a minimal fee if available at the moment of check-in.

How late deserve to we check in?

You can check in together late together 6am the day after girlfriend are as result of arrive. Your credit transaction card immediately guarantees her room. If you room checking in late and also know this, please advise once making the preventive or speak to the hotel directly the work of arrival.

Are friend able to hold our luggage?

We space happy to save your luggage one of two people on arrival in the morning if there are no rooms obtainable to inspect into, or ~ above departure. A Guest company Manager in ~ the Reception desk can carry out this because that you.

Is over there a fitness room?

Yes, we have actually a Fitness facility with cardio tools and cost-free weights. Additionally, we will deliver exercise equipment and also yoga kits to her room in ~ no extr charge.

Do you have room service?

We right now do not have actually an on-site restaurant. We have actually in-room service, which have the right to be ordered from servant Hospitality and also Land & Lake restaurant. The river Hotel, is walking distance to many restaurants and bars. Visit ours Dining web page for part recommended dining options.

Do you have laundry services?

Same work valet clean and free self-service to wash are available at flow Hotel.

Is parking obtainable at the hotel?

Self-parking is available at:

Garage Details

What is the minimum age requirement to examine into the room?

Guests need to be at the very least 18 years old to check in to our rooms.

How lot do you fee for high-speed Wi-Fi?

Free high-speed Wi-Fi is accessible in every guest rooms and also throughout our hotel.

Are there available features at flow Hotel?

The following areas of the hotel room accessible: • Public enntrance gate • route from the hotel’s public enntrance gate to the easily accessible guestrooms • path from the hotel’s public entrance to the it is registered area • route from the hotel’s public entrance to the conference room/ballroom area • course from the hotel’s public enntrance gate to the company center • path from the hotel’s public enntrance gate to the exercise facilities • service center • conference rooms • public restrooms

The following locations of the hotel might not be completely accessible (please speak to the hotel for more information): • Registration workdesk • Fitness center

Additional ease of access information: • accessible guest rooms with mobility functions have doorways that administer 32” the clear broad • Hotel’s valet accepts vehicles particularly outfitted because that wheelchair individuals • Hotel provides assistive listening gadgets for meetings upon request • Hotel has actually a TTY because that guest use • Guest room TVs have actually closed captioning or closed caption decoders provided • Service pets are welcome • Braille and also tactile signage is noted for permanent rooms and spaces • Hotel employee will read menus and also other printed/visual information to guest who space blind/low vision

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