Turtles are great pets, and also painted tortoise are one of the most famous varieties amongst hobbyists.

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If you know what they prefer, they’re simple to feed and also take treatment of.

Baby turtles need slightly different food 보다 mature ones, and they must eat an ext often.

You should schedule various foods and nutrients because that them, or else they won’t flourish healthy and also may acquire sick.

In this article, you’ll check out all around a well balanced diet for both baby and mature painted turtles.

You’ll also learn how regularly you need to feed them and what to execute if they shed their appetites.

What do Baby Painted turtles Eat?


Painted turtles space omnivores, for this reason they aren’t picky eaters and also enjoy eat meat and vegetables.

Baby painted tortoise eat almost the exact same food together adult painted turtles, but they have tendency to be much more carnivorous in their early stages.

This is mainly due to the fact that hatchlings and juveniles require to prosper faster, and also meat help them much more than plants.

You should feed her baby painted tortoise meat, little fish, insects, and also commercially created food prefer pellets and food mix made for youngsters until they grow to two inches.

Then you need to slowly add vegetables, water plants, and also fruits to your diets.

Because lock can’t gain all the nutrients they require in captivity, it’s best if girlfriend supplement their food v vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin D, calcium, and phosphor.

Insufficient diet can result in covering defects and also nutritional issues for turtles.

You can include calcium block to your tanks as a supplement and put your turtle in sunshine every once in a while, for this reason it have the right to absorb vitamin D.

As the infant matures, friend should change its diet to consist of only 30–40 percent protein.

Commercial food should comprise 25 percent of their diets.

They also shouldn’t eat fat food.

Despite what it may seem, painted turtles like to move and hunt.

That’s why they usually don’t eat dead or freeze-dried food.

They likewise need water come swallow and also digest your food, therefore floating food works the ideal for them.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what you should be feeding her painted turtle:

1. Meat


You deserve to feed your painted turtle assorted kinds that meat, consisting of cooked, raw, and even live bait.

Although eat raw meat reasons no problem for turtles, cook meat is safer due to the fact that it’s much less likely come contain bacteria or parasites.

You have the right to feed them beef or chicken pieces easily.

They can eat various types of worms, favor mealworms, earthworms, blackworms, brown worms, blood worms, and also waxworms.

They also enjoy snails, krill, crayfish, or low-fat dog food.

They appreciate live shrimp varieties choose brine shrimp or ghost shrimp together occasional treats, which you can easily breed from eggs, and also freeze-dried shrimp, i beg your pardon is easily accessible in numerous stores.

2. Fish


Painted turtles will certainly happily eat any kind that fish that’s tiny enough because that them.

Docile, easy-to-catch fish are much better options.

You should avoid feeding fatty fish to her painted turtle.

Goldfish, Carp, Minnows, and also Gizzard Shad do not do it be in your turtle’s diet. An excellent options include Platies, Guppies, Crappies, Blue Gills, Killifish, and Bass.

You should keep live fish v baby painted turtles since hunting them will offer your turtles enough exercise and keep them mentally occupied.

Plus, fish is well-off in protein, which will make them thrive healthy.

Never obtain your fish, live or dead, native a lake or pond due to the fact that they deserve to contain bacteria and also infect her painted turtle.

Always obtain fish or any other live food native a dependable pet store.

3. Vegetables


Your baby painted turtle most likely won’t eat vegetables in ~ all.

That’s totally normal, however it’s ideal to shot giving it fresh vegetables and also plants every now and then.

When her painted tortoise is in between six months and a year old, you should slowly substitute the pellets v vegetables and also plants.

Romaine lettuce, red leaf lettuce, collard greens, zucchini, squash, kale, escarole, and mustard greens are good vegetables because that painted turtles.

Parsley and also dandelion have to be part of your diets, as well.

You can put the vegetables and plants in the water or clip them to the side of the tank.

There space some exceptions, though.

These include veggies the contain high sheep of oxalates, together it have the right to reduce calcium absorption.

Some of this vegetables room spinach, potatoes, beetroot, chard, and endive.

4. Aquatic Plants


Painted turtles will eat almost all type of water plants.

One the the most popular water plants is duckweed due to the fact that it provides different vitamins and also minerals that painted turtle need, and also they reap eating it.

Water lettuce, Waterlilies, Water Hyacinth, Anacharis, Water Fern, Hornwort, Water Starwort, Pond Weed, Water Milfoil, and also Frogbit are other aquatic plants you have the right to feed her painted turtles.

5. Insects


You deserve to feed her painted turtle through both live and dried insects.

They especially love crickets, together they do low-fat meals with lots of protein.

6. Fruits


Painted turtles will certainly eat fruits v joy, and also most fruit are good for them, however they shouldn’t make up a large part of your diets, and also you need to use fruit snacks together occasional treats.

Citrus and fruits with high potassium levels aren’t an excellent for their health because the citric acid have the right to upset the turtle’s stomach, and also too lot potassium have the right to hurt their shells.

Some an excellent options space apples, melons, berries, and also carrots. Huge pieces that fruit won’t float on the water.

They also break increase quickly and make the tank dirty, so it’s ideal to reduced them into little pieces and also put lock in feeding containers.

7. Pellets


There are customized pellets because that both baby painted turtles and adults.

These are good supplements i beg your pardon can carry out them with the nutrients they need.

However, girlfriend shouldn’t depend on pellets as the key food source for her painted turtles.

Fish pellets deserve to be great additions to their diets, as well.

How often Should you Feed your Painted Turtle?


You must feed your baby painted tortoise every day v pellets.

Offer castle as numerous pellets together they have the right to eat in 10–15 minutes.

Also, supplement your diet through vitamins, calcium, or treats choose fish, worms, shrimps, or insects every alternative day.

As they mature, you’ll need to reduce feeding times to every two to 3 days.

It’s okay to offer them vegetables and plants to munch ~ above every day, however you should offer them pellets every two days or so.

Give lock meaty treats and also fruits when every week.

Painted turtles go with hibernation periods, and they i will not ~ eat at the time.

This greatly happens in the winter, and also it have the right to last because that weeks or months, depending upon their life conditions.

If you an alert your turtle’s preparing for hibernation, stop providing it food at the end of fall, but carry out enough water.

Baby painted turtle love come play around, and also the finest time to feed them is when they’re playing.

Painted turtles need to eat while your heads room in the water, and they’ll easily mess up their tanks.

It’s a an excellent idea to have a separate tank simply for feeding. Remove any kind of excess food after your turtle is excellent eating.

How Long can Painted Turtles go Without Food or Water?


Because painted turtles can hibernate, they have the right to go for a really long time without any food.

Adult turtles with a suitable diet and an excellent living conditions can walk without food for up to 6 months.

Baby turtles and also juveniles aren’t completely developed, and they don’t have hibernation abilities.

They have to eat frequently, and they can’t go without food for much more than a couple of weeks in ~ maximum.

Painted turtles space aquatic animals, and also they can’t go without water for an ext than a couple of days, no matter how old castle are.

If she planning come leave her turtle alone because that a while, make certain they have sufficient water.

You can even use one automatic tortoise feeder if you’re walking away for a long time.

How to feeding a Painted Turtle that Refuses come Eat


It’s natural for an adult painted turtle to go without food for a pair of days in a row.

They’re probably just not hungry, and also there’s nothing to problem about. If the duration gets longer, you’ll have to identify the problem.

First, make sure its living problems are at their best. A cold setting can be the reason the turtle has actually lost the appetite.

Check the temperature of the tank and water through a thermometer.

The water must be roughly 78°F, and also the tank’s temperature should be somewhere between 80 and 85°F.

Make sure your painted turtle is obtaining at least 12 hrs of irradiate daily, whether it’s sunshine or artificial light, or rather it’ll protect against eating.

If the atmosphere is optimal and also your painted turtle still i will not ~ eat, inspect for indications of stress and sickness.

For example, vitamin A deficiency can reason white job on your shells and influence their appetites.

It might have a respiratory infection, i beg your pardon will reason trouble in breathing and also wheezing, sneezing and runny nose, and tiredness.

Having eye troubles or pregnant can also be the reason for her pet’s lack of appetite.

Your painted turtle could be hibernating, and that have the right to be poor for its health.

Hibernation puts a most pressure on their bodies, and only some strong turtles need to be allowed to go through it.

Bring her painted tortoise to a vet to identify if it have the right to hibernate.

You can tempt your painted turtle by supplying it live food.

Soaking pellets in juice or tuna water can likewise work.

Give that brightly colored vegetables and also fruits like tomatoes, strawberries, and also watermelons.

What Painted turtle Eat in the Wild


Painted turtles mostly live in thick vegetation areas, therefore water plants room a big part of your diet in the wild.

They also eat a lot of insects like larvae, dragonflies, and also beetles, together they’re everywhere and also easy come catch.

Painted turtles will eat fish, tadpoles, and also worms if castle can record them, and they’ll scavenge for carrion.

They’ll likewise eat any vegetables and fruit castle find. As you have the right to see, their diets in the wild no that different from once they’re retained as pets.

They just won’t get any pellets or cooked meat in nature.

How do You tell If her Painted turtle Is Hungry or Not?


You have actually no means of understanding if her painted tortoise is hungry because they normally eat whatever you give them.

Starving and also overfeeding can both cause health problems.

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Therefore, you must schedule a an ideal diet for her pet with different varieties that food.